I like the game, and I think the game engine looks and plays very well... but I find the tables (at least the first 3) are way too easy, and get kinda boring.

Compared to a real pinball machine where the ball frequently drains down the sides, straight down the middle (where you can't actually hit it with your flipper), etc... I find that Pinball FX is very easy to keep the ball in play. The flippers are close together, and it's very easy to get kickback (so it won't go down the side). And the tables don't seem to be very deep... I find that I'm mostly just hitting the same shots over and over, just kinda hitting the ball around the playfield.

The first table I played was the Mars one, and it felt like I was playing for at least 30 minutes. That was the first time playing that table and the game. I'd prefer something that's difficult that I can work to get better at, rather than something that makes me feel like an expert from the start. The underwater one didn't seem much more difficult, and I only briefly tried the medieval one to check it out.

So, if you like pinball, I think the original $15 is worth the price to try it out... and if you like them, you can decide whether another 5 tables is worth another $25.

I personally don't plan to buy the expansion unless it drops way down in price. It'd be nice if I could buy just a single table, instead of all 5 together... because if they're all pretty much the same as the first 3, then I probably won't enjoy them. Or better yet, they should offer a quick 3 minute trial of the tables.