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"PinStuby" Pinball FX2 VR

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  • "PinStuby" Pinball FX2 VR

    I tried so many controllers its not funny. I was looking for a gamepad controller that could do wireless, bluetooth, wired, and charge a rechargable battery, IOS, android, PC, and easy to wire. Can't believe I found a cheap way to do this with this.I might make a detailed video on how to wire it up if a few people ask. Good luck and contact me if you have more questions

    Some strange things with this cheap gamepad, but trust me its the most compatible thing I could find and I tried over 20 of them. I was going to wire a true bluetooth XBox controller, but they are very hard to wire and expensive. This cheap one really does work very well, but make sure bluetooth works well on your computer as I had so many issues with various computers bluetooth. The quest sometimes has to try and pair twice, but it will go through eventually. Good luck