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How to adjust virtual nudge sensitivity in Steam version

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  • How to adjust virtual nudge sensitivity in Steam version

    I won't get into a full tutorial regarding purchasing a Freescale KL25Z, installing Pinscape or fully configuring x360ce as that info is readily available elsewhere but I thought the tip below might be useful to some.

    I have FX3 installed in a real (meaning heavy) cabinet and I wanted nudging to be 'fun' without really having to body slam the table.

    And while your mileage may vary based upon location of the sensor etc I initially couldn't get the sensitivity where I wanted it.

    Apparently FX3 takes analog input and triggers a digital nudge when a certain threshold is exceeded.whatsapp web routerlogin
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    Is it possible for you to provide a link to the tutorial you mentioned? I'm now using a zero delay and delight to key. I'd like to update to what you're using, but I can't seem to find any information on it. Thanks!

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