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  • The Simpsons...?

    Will The Simpsons be included in this package as the 4th table or will it get its own 2-Table pack, ala South Park? Simpsons is definitely a class above these other shows and shouldn't be limited to one table. Of course, that is assuming The Simpsons is even part of the deal Zen signed with Fox... it would be a crime if it wasn't!

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    No its Archer.


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      So on one hand I get a double-dose of the dulcet tones H. Jon Benjamin, and on the other hand I get a double-dose of the hack smackings of Seth McFarlane. Win some, lose some. To be honest, I don't like any of these shows (and even The Simpsons have sucked since season 12), but it's been a good long time since Zen has released tables and it looks like it'll be a long time before there's anything else...

      Portal was kind of a letdown for such a great theme, Ant-Man is really unexciting. Fingers crossed for a seperate Simpsons pack this year.


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        Yes Ant Man was lackluster, so was portal. But I'm quite looking forward to this new four pack.

        Hopefully the quality and humor is equal to the previous South Park tables which I think are Zen's best to date.