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Official Balls of Glory Table Guides

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    Originally posted by ShoryukenToTheChin View Post
    Lol you had more patience than I, my friend. I just gave up trying to get it.
    I'd like to think you value your time more than me lol.

    Originally posted by Rafie View Post
    I'm gonna try and go for it. I got as close as 83,000 but drained horribly. I spent a lot of time on it. It pissed me off so badly. LOL
    Yeah getting to 100K and failing really stung. I would suggest buying some kickbacks if you happen to open the armory early like I did a few times while frantically trying to save a ball from draining. There's a risk involved by working on something other than earning money, but if you can get those kickbacks without losing a ball in the process it is extremely helpful.
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      Pinball Guide Videos

      Everyone I have added a link to the OP that has a link to a playlist containing over 200+ vids featuring various tables. Completing modes & what not. Please give them a look. I have recently added Bethesda Pinball & Rogue One vids.

      Click Here

      Official Pinball Guides (PFX3 etc.) - Written & Video Form

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