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Balls of Glory Pinball Trophy and Achievement Guide

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  • Balls of Glory Pinball Trophy and Achievement Guide


    The “Balls of Glory” DLC for Zen Pinball 2 features four tables from Archer, Family Guy, American Dad, and Bob’s Burgers. Each table has their own unique feel and flow to it, which comes as no surprise as each of the four tables were designed by different Zen Studios staff. The walkthrough lays out the trophies from easiest to hardest, but feel free to switch things up if you prefer. Before attempting these trophies, I encourage you to learn some pinball techniques like the ‘Dead Flipper Pass’ and ‘Nudge Pass’ to get the ball from one flipper to another.

    A couple of the trophies could come as a result of normal play, but the possibility of that is slim. You'll need to abandon the desire for high scores and instead be focused solely on obtaining the trophy. This could mean doing tasks repeatedly or ignoring/avoiding completing game modes.


    Deputy Director - Bronze Trophy/10 Gamerscore
    Knock out Avery Bullock on the American Dad! Pinball table. (Single player only)

    This trophy is easier if you can reduce your threat level (as indicated by the color of your ball). Hitting the ball through the threat level spinner multiple times will raise your threat level, while avoiding it and completing game modes will reduce it. Completing a few games modes will reduce your threat level to blue. For the sake of the trophy you’ll probably just want to start game modes then hold the ball until the mode is complete to reduce your threat level while not risking losing your ball. Once your threat level (and ball) is blue, you will be allotted more time to complete game modes and mission, albeit at the expense of a reduced score.

    To start the necessary side mission, you need to hit the ball in the habitrail (steel frame ramp) three times to spell C-I-A. This will start a mini game where the two sinkholes below Bullock will light up. Each time you shoot one of these holes, Bullock will grab the ball and throw it back on the table. The throws can vary a bit so keep both flippers up and be ready for them. After four hits to Bullock he will be knocked out.

    Giggity Giggity Goo! - Bronze Trophy/10 Gamerscore
    Start the Giggity Multiball on the Family Guy Pinball. (Single player only)

    This one requires a kind of tricky shot off the end of the left flipper. There’s a small drop target of Quagmire just above the right slingshot on the bottom part of the table. First, you need to hit this drop target to expose a sink hole. You only have a small bit of time to get another shot in there so get the ball back and quickly get another shot off to lock a ball. Do this a total of three times (six shots total), and you’ll start the multiball.

    Get That Party Started! - Bronze Trophy/10 Gamerscore
    Serve all customers to get to the Wizard Mode on the Bob's Burgers Pinball table. (Single player only)

    This trophy is fun to acquire and offers a bit of customization on how you go about it. What you need to do is serve all 5 customers in one game. You can serve between 1-3 customers in the ‘Order’ portion of the game at a time. To serve more than 1 customer at a time, you need to send the ball up the center ramp for the ‘Self-Promotion’ bonus. Once you have done this four times, Bob will ask if the kids to hand out flyers at the pier, which adds a second customer to the ‘Order’ portion. Send the ball up the ramp four more times, and you can serve a third customer.

    Now that you’ve added a third customer, you can start the ‘Order’ game mode by putting the ball in the sink hole located in the left-center part of the table. Here’s where there is some risk-reward options. You can either choose to add just one thing to the order by hitting one of the lanes that are lit and then hold the ball, or you can try for multiple lanes. If you do multiple lanes you risk a drain, but will have more time at the end to actually “serve” the customer. I recommend trying to safely hit as many lanes as possible to allow more time at the end. After the timer runs out, part two of the ‘Order’ mode begins. It’s similar but now this time you can send the ball in any lane even if you’ve already sent it there before.

    The last part of the ‘Order’ mode involves serving the customers. Depending on your Self-Promotion bonus, there will be 1-3 lanes lit. Hit these lanes to serve the customer. Now you will need to repeat all of this (Self-Promotion, starting and completing Order mode, and serving customers) until you have served all five. Once all customers are served the sink hole lights up to start Wizard mode.

    As a tip, you want to ignore Night mode as much as you can for the sake of obtaining the trophy since serving customer is exclusive to Day. When in Night mode and without any missions going, hold the launch button for 3 seconds to switch back to Day mode.

    Embezzlement - Bronze Trophy/10 Gamerscore
    Spend 100,000 bucks from the Operations Fund in the Archer Pinball table. (Single player only)

    This trophy can be grindy, and requires some skill keeping your game going long enough to meet the requirements. The only way to make money is to send the ball through the spinner up top. A good shot nets you between 1300-1700. That means you’re looking at about 65-70 solid shots through the spinner. You don’t need to spend your 100,000 all at once, but there isn’t too many great price combinations to get you there very efficiently so you’ll almost certainly unlock this by purchasing the Extra Ball for 100K.
    You can reach the spinner from three different spots: both flippers on the bottom and the upper flipper. Potentially you could send a ball up through the spinner and then catch it with the top flipper, then repeatedly send the ball through. Easier said then done though as it’s a tricky shot up top. When going for this trophy, it’s best to avoid all other game modes for the potential of a ball drain.

    To actually spend your money and open up the Armory/Shop, you need to spell S-P-Y by hitting the lights scattered throughout the table. Once lit, send a ball up the right orbit.

    Once in the Armory, use the flippers to cycle through items and hit launch to purchase. You can purchase kickbacks and ball saves too and that will count towards your total, although as stated buying the Extra Ball will most likely be the end game here. If the store happens to be open ahead of acquiring 100K it isn’t a bad idea to purchase some kickbacks or balls saves since you will likely benefit from it and can make that money back with a few trips through the spinner.
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