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Pinball FX2 on Xbox One FAQ

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  • Originally posted by TV_Junkie
    My Spanish isn't great, but I think I got the gist of it:

    I have seen in the Xbox 360 store the tables Rocky & Bullwinkle, Street Fighter II, Nightmare Mansion, Excalibur, and Earth Defense go back to appearing with a price (like I never bought them) but in my charge history they appear bought perfectly.

    Also, if I access it from the history I'm redirected to the typical page of "Oops...we don't know what could have happened, we seem to be moving things on this site around." (maybe they're working on it)

    But if I access from the marketplace the link to buy the game with price again it redirects me to the purchase screen.

    I don't believe that the problem is the importing but there are new links for those tables in the market.
    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD


    • Pinball FX2 on Xbox One FAQ

      Originally posted by Clanhernandez
      I turned my console off. Turned it back on, did NOT sign in to my profile and BAM! Finally! All my tables loaded up in the queue and are downloading as I type this! So excited!!!!
      Wait, so you're saying that the tables that should be free, you were able to get WITHOUT being signed in?

      How would it know that you've previously purchased them then?

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      • Several imports not working

        Xbox Live Gamertag - CaptFierceBeard

        Several import issues, irritated to the point where i refuse to play the game until my tables register properly.

        Walking Dead (STILL)
        Earth Defense
        Marvel Pinball (Blade, Wolverine, Spiderman, Ironman)


        • Still no joy...

          I've been able to import Paranormal, Mars and Marvel Pinball no problems.
          Still unable to import:

          Pinball FX2 Core Collection.
          Earth Defense.

          I have tried every possible way to import them for free but every time it wants me to pay. It's put me off using the game until this is sorted out. Frustrating!!


          • I'd assume that if Microsoft doesn't get this sorted out today, it is unlikely that it will be fixed Saturday or Sunday.


            • Just wanted to chime in that I too am having the problem of the tables not showing up as free. I have tried in-game and through the One's own marketplace.

              Unlike some, I have not had this problem with any other table until now. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

              I guess I'll have to make do with Destiny until then...


              • Thanks for all the reports everyone! I will post news on when to expect a fix as soon as I get confirmation.


                • Wishful thinking, but if it could be fixed in time for the weekend, that would be great, but either way, thanks for the updates!

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                  • GT: Atomicow

                    Excalibur imported no problem.
                    Earth defense, epic quest, the core pack, and the original marvel pack still want me to pay again.


                    • Same prob. 360 tables not importing

                      XBOX 1 Gamertag: Twigleaf Twigs

                      Add me to the list where tables are not importing. The 3 newest released sets are still wanting me to pay. That would be Excalibur, Earth Defense, and the latest Marvel set. I am a U.S. region, and it wants full price to install the tables. The options in the FAQ does NOT work around this. The first set of tables, I seemed to have imported fine. These, are not.

                      Excuse me if I am blunt, but I am a realist, and I don't like how people are getting charged twice, and they don't know any better because they know nothing of this web site. These should NEVER been released until the initial packages of tables were cross-platform correct. This simple game, has had the most problems of any game ever released on XBOX One when it comes to buying, installing, importing, not to mention broken achievements the first week. This is a professional company, right?

                      ( Edited out by author, until things are checked on )
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                      • Zen are not responsible for the releasing of, or crossbuy issues with, these tables, it is a Microsoft concern.

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                        • Theory . Since this is an OOOOOLLLDDD set of tables

                          Theory..... Could the transfer issues be related to the fact, that tables were imported in from Pinball FX 1 (ONE). When FX2 was released, the 360 easily transferred tables in from the early FX1 game, into the 360's local hard drive, with DRM liscensing. ( I owned ALL of the tables that were on the Pinball FX 1 game before it went defunct, and Zen gave everyone a free upgrade to FX2.
                          If I am not mistaken, Earth Defense and Excalibur were 2 of the transfers. I cannot remember if the Marvel was, as it has been soooo long. In fact, I may be wrong.

                          Anyway..... I know for a fact I own the 3 sets on my 360. I can only assume I imported them in from FX1. My purchase record does not show that I have bought them for the Pinball FX2 (360 store category for FX2 ADD-ONS) , because the Pinball FX2 game simply did an audit an imported them in from my FX1 purchase, so I did not have to buy them again. How would this be fixed?

                          Solution, would be for ZEN to code into the new XBOX ONE version ( and probably the PS4 version as well ), to look for old purchase records of Pinball FX 1 tables, along with proofs of purchases of Pinball FX2 tables.

                          I am thinking this is not a MS problem here, but that the new system is not realizing it is importing, imported tables?????

                          BBIAJ. They both are responsible. If Zen knew this happened the first set of tables, they are just as accountable for this second set. Lets not give them a free pass here, just because its Microsoft's store.
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                          • I'm having same problem saying I have to pay again? I had no trouble importing all other tables


                            • Originally posted by Twigleaf
                              BBIAJ. They both are responsible. If Zen knew this happened the first set of tables, they are just as accountable for this second set. Lets not give them a free pass here, just because its Microsoft's store.
                              I'm not giving them a free pass, I'm simply saying that it would not have been Zen's decision as to when these tables were published, and Zen don't have anything to do with how the crossbuy works, that's Microsoft's domain.

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                              • marvel pack blade wolverine etc and original pack with pasha rome etc both wont let me import, tried all variations, gamertag demonizer andy