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Pinball FX2 on Xbox One FAQ

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  • I own all tables on 360 and the launch collection of tables transferred to the Xbox One no problem. Marvel original pack, Excalibur and Earth Defense will not transfer, asking me to buy over again.

    Gamer tag: TaygetaVendetta


    • I can not transfer the following tables

      I can not transfer the following tables;

      Pinball FX 2 Core
      Pinball FX2 - Marvel Pinball Original Pack
      Pinball FX2 - Excalibur Table
      Pinball FX2 - Earth Defense Table

      All these tables are bought on xbox360, and present day have not been able to transfer one Xbox.
      testing all the methods that are in the first page and on the website of xbox.

      my username is: SixtyJose Ramon



      • Had no issues transferring the other tables on Xbox One, but still unable to for the latest Marvel pack (Spider-Man, Wolverine, Blade), Earth Defence and Excalibur. It's asking for payment again. Gtag - mONdeTH


        • Marvel original pack transfer OK

          Excalibur and Earth Defense will not transfer (each 2,49 €)

          I have all these in Xbox 360.

          GamerTag: Trune



          • Seems hit and miss with everyone i guess. I cant import for free any of the originally pulled efforts in Excalibur, Earth Defense and Marvel Pack 01. Shame really but i guess i can wait it our for the now.


            • it asks me to pay for this Tables

              Pinball FX2 Core Collection (bought it a second time because i could not wait ... so i guess it would still cost me money if i didnt bought it)
              Earth Defense Table
              Excalibur Table
              Marvel Pinball Original Pack

              GamerTag : SpieleNerd


              • Import Tables

                I cannot import the original Marvel Pack, Earth Defense, and Excalibur which I originally purchased on the 360. I had no problems importing other tables.

                GT: Mako xOne


                • I have purchased the tables listed below as well as EVERY Pinball FX2 table on the 360. The ones below are the ones released currently on the Xbox One that will not allow me to download without re-buying them:

                  The Walking Dead
                  Earth Defense
                  Marvel Pinball Original Pack

                  Gamertag: DugFreez

                  I have tried both in game and from the store on the Xbox One. Neither will show these for free.


                  • Problems to transfer Marvel Pack


                    I have problems to transfer the Marvel original Pack (Blade, Spiderman....) from 360 to One. When purchasing is asking me to pay 9.90€.

                    My GT is Jansap.

                    It is the only one I had problems to transfer.

                    I hope yo can fix it.


                    • I can't transfer the tables, yet...

                      Here are my tables acquired in Xbox 360 version. I double check de console and the donwload history on my Xbox Live account to be sure of that.
                      I can't import the tables in RED. All fine with the tables in GREEN.

                      Tables on Xbox 360 ---> Tables on Xbox One

                      Rock and Bullwinkle -> Unavaliable.
                      Captain América -> Unlocked, Ok.
                      Fantastic Four -> Unlocked, Ok.
                      Blade -> Locked, need to pay.
                      Iron Man -> Locked, need to pay.
                      Spider Man -> Locked, need to pay.
                      Wolverine -> Locked, need to pay.
                      Epic Quest -> Unlocked, Ok.
                      Paranormal -> Unlocked, Ok.
                      Sourcerer's Lair -> Unlocked, Ok.
                      Ms. Explosion Man -> Unavaliable.
                      Mars -> Unlocked, Ok.
                      Secrets of The Deep -> Locked, need to pay.
                      Biolab -> Locked, need to pay.
                      Pasha -> Locked, need to pay.
                      Rome -> Locked, need to pay.
                      Excalibur -> Locked, need to pay.
                      Earth Defense -> Locked, need to pay.
                      Street Fighter II -> Unavaliable.
                      Nightmare Mansion -> Unavaliable.
                      Bucanner -> Unavaliable.
                      Speed Machine -> Unavaliable.
                      Agents -> Unavaliable.
                      Extreme -> Unavaliable.

                      My gamertag is Ranieri X 360.

                      I hope this list helps the Zen Studios to discover what may be happening with the transfer of tables from Pinball FX 2.


                      • The tables that will not transfer for me are:

                        Marvel Original Pack
                        Earth Defense
                        The Walking Dead

                        Gamertag- Rohrig67


                        • I cannot import the original Marvel Pack, Earth Defense, and Excalibur
                          gamer tag Raiden01978


                          • Hello, i cannot import these tables:

                            - Walking dead
                            - Marvel original pack
                            - Excalibur
                            - Earth Defense

                            mi gamertag is: silvan242


                            • Tables that won't transfer for me:

                              Pinball FX2 Core Collection
                              Zen Classics Pack
                              Marvel Pinball
                              Earth Defense

                              My gamertag is NiTzSaNiTy84


                              • I cannot import the original Marvel Pack, Earth Defense, and Excalibur which I originally purchased on the 360. I had no problems importing other tables.

                                GT SenileElf