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Pinball FX2 on Xbox One FAQ

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  • Also having problems importing tables

    Unable to import:

    Marvel Original Pack


    I was able to import all of the other available tables that I have bought.



    • I can't get my previously purchased tables too(not even one ). Could anybody have a look? please!
      Thank You!

      Gamertag: Marcin83 PL

      Kind Regards


      • Unable to import

        Pinball FX2 Core Pack

        Gamertag : LordMorpheus72


        • Originally posted by Beanz View Post
          Why hasn't a warning about the possibility of re-buying a product that should be free been added to the marketplace description? Surely it's the least you can do while awaiting a fix.
          That's because Microsoft has to approve it. Zen has no control on what gets posted on the Market Place.


          • Originally posted by shogun00 View Post
            That's because Microsoft has to approve it. Zen has no control on what gets posted on the Market Place.
            Sorry if this has already been covered - but if I buy the Walking Dead on 360, can I now inport into Xbox One? Thanks.


            • Originally posted by Captain Bluey View Post
              Sorry if this has already been covered - but if I buy the Walking Dead on 360, can I now inport into Xbox One? Thanks.
              Not at the moment! Zen is working with Mircosoft in getting that fixed though.


              • gamertag = Mario HTTR

                these tables won't import for me:

                earth defense
                marvel blade
                marvel ironman
                marvel spiderman
                marvel wolverines

                i have purchased these years ago on 360 under the same gamertag. i have tried everything in the faq.

                please help.


                • Originally posted by BarbieBobomb View Post

                  Everyone - please post your gamertag if you have not already!
                  Can't download excaliber, earth defense & marvel original pack I own all these on 360 & my licenses still show I've purchased them. Gamer tag - GAZ uk


                  • Didn't make clear earlier that my gt was the same as my user name "Nod Nolan“

                    Not importing Excalibur, Earth Defence and the four original Marvel tables.


                    • Originally posted by BarbieBobomb View Post
                      Again, DO NOT purchase these tables a second time. Please be patient, we will get this resolved.
                      I hope that this is always to prevent us to pay twice... Because I buy again excalibur and earth attack... But is ok, simply I can afford this like I did with TWD table. But if from now on my ability to import tables is compromised ... then I have a problem

                      anyway there are some other little things that let me feel that you're consideration for this game is not the same as the x360 version... And is very sad...


                      • Xbox one import

                        Originally posted by BarbieBobomb View Post
                        Please do not email and post here on the forums. I am in charge of support emails as well as the forums, so telling me the same information twice only wastes your time. Please do not purchase tables again on Xbox One if you already got them on 360. We are working on this, please be patient.
                        gamertag sjzman

                        tables earth defense Excalibur marvel pinball pack


                        • GT: monlienNH3

                          Can't import Marvel, Excalibur, and Earth Defense.

                          All other tables (ones available at launch) imported no problem.


                          • Originally posted by demonizer84 View Post
                            still no news, updates, or luck. try multiple times daily to import tables and still get the same poop... not very good really, id of rather the game have not been released till everything was good to go and then there wouldnt be any frustrations...

                            i feel an act of good will coming on from zen in that free pinball table they are going to offer everyone for all problems they have encountered, awww how kind of them
                            Get real! The fact they're not asking you to buy the tables again on your new console is extremely generous as it is. They spent time money and resources making them again for you from the ground up, yet everyone thinks they're owed the tables for free.

                            You don't see people demanding Minecraft next gen for free although it's identical to the 360 version... Or TLOU remastered?

                            One thing I've learnt from these forums is that Zen fans are the most self entitled gamers iv'e come across! Maybe if you guys felt it fair to part with £2.95 for a table they spent time building for you to enjoy they would have more cash to solve these problems with.


                            • Cannot transfert

                              I'm french
                              Fx2 core pack not available for import, need pay
                              Same thing for old tables, excalibur, earth defense and Marvel Pinball original pack
                              GT : DTM Gladiator
                              Thanks to fix quickly, time is long without playing


                              • @calavera999

                                People did demand next gen Minecraft for free. People always demand stuff for free. What they got was a heavy discount for the game and all their dlc ported over for free. Without even a tenth of the issues FX2 is having.

                                The problem for me isn't about "entitlement". It's about a developer going back on its word. The situation with table imports is really starting to look like a deliberate attempt to bypass the promises made for as long as possible in order to create income. Getting our tables for free is great & I don't expect anything extra on top of that but Zen have to follow through on it all without the shabby tactics they or Microsoft seem to be employing. If things had gone smoothly I'd have bought Walking Dead, GOTG, Doc Strange, Deadpool and the last Star Wars pack and be shaping up to buy Castlestorm next week. As things stand I just don't trust Zen anymore to do that. The import thing and the lack of progress with it is just too convenient for Zen.
                                It's not about entitlement. It's about being played as a customer.