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Pinball FX2 on Xbox One FAQ

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    Originally posted by this is a ripoff
    I registered just to tell you people at Zen studios that I am not a mindless consumer like a majority of your fanbase and I will be boycotting this game. I owned all the tables on the 360 version and for you to turn around and say that we must re purchase these games is ludicrous. sorry, but this is a joke. every corporation these days is so f'n greedy. all you want is money. im not buying the same thing twice. this is a joke. i hope no one pays for your s*******
    Actually, you are mindless, because you can't grasp the simple fact that it's not possible for Zen to do anything about it.


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      Please remember this isn't Zens fault. Thank you Barb for your patience and do your best to not let angered words get to you.


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        highly dissapointed

        I've been checking in on this game for a long time now...and not having same capability as PS4 for tranferring already purchased games is a huge huge thing for me. These things are deal breakers for me and systems and yes ZEN. I am fiercely loyal but don't jam me up or you'll loose me in an instant!


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          This is crazy.

          I have 90% of the tables on Xbox 360 and there's no way I'm spending another $70 to buy them again on XB1.

          Please make MS fix this. It's really bad publicity for both Zen and Microsoft.

          I'm so disappointed. I was going to buy the newish star wars packs but no way if this isn't rectified for the supporters of Zen on Xbox.


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            Originally posted by Matt McLean
            I'm just voicing my displeasure with this action taken by Microsoft. I know it comes down to Xbox 360 and Xbox One are on slightly different architectures and databases, but come on, you should be able to transfer the purchases over. It might be time consuming, but someone needs to fix this.

            I hate, hate, hate purchasing the same game over and over again. If I buy a digital version of something (books, music, videos) it should be able to be played on a new piece of hardware. For whatever reason, Microsoft has taken a step backward in terms of their video games policy. I've spend a lot of money on Pinball FX tables, since I own them all.

            I don't want to blame Zen Studios here. I fully blame Microsoft. Look, if they can somehow track a purchase made from Windows Phone database, how come they can't track purchases made on Xbox 360? They allowed you to "upgrade" Halo: Spartan Assault for $5 if you previously purchased on Windows Phone. It seems to me that it should work the same way. Heck, all my video content that I purchased is still on Xbox Video, regardless of where and when I purchased it.

            I'm more than willing to pay a small "upgrade" fee to play the tables that I have already purchased on Xbox One. Right now, though, I'm afraid I'll just stick with my 360 to play Pinball FX2.

            Very well said. It is the reason I have yet to purchase a next gen console in the first place. It's not only Zen pinball fans that are suffering. It's also other games that have to be re-purchased to play on the next gen console. Why? Why is so hard to offer cross platform and keep your supporters of each console happy?

            Frankly I'm surprised that they made this announcement knowing the backlash they will get. I was the same with the PS4 and the release of only the 20 tables. I know they were free but that's not the point.

            I understand that there are those that are new to the console market and have yet to experience the games they are re-mastering and available on the new consoles. That's all good but I'm not going to pay for the same game again with the 'Re-mastered ultimate high Definition/3d capable collectors DLC pack extreme Edition' Game that I already payed for. Why was it so hard to have PS3/360 games playable on the new console. Not many care about the price tag with the technology to allow us to do so. People will open their wallets to have that option. It's absurd that I would have to Change out my HDMI cables to play the game I want. It's already tough for me with the Wii U and Ps3. Another system is a nightmare.

            Man I'm so mad right now and I don't even have a XBOX one or PS4...

            I'm not mad at Zen I really appreciate what they do. I do support them have Castlestorm on Steam and well.... Since My PS3 is Kaput I went on and got the games on steam again when they were on the flash/summer sale. I missed my Zen.

            When and if I get a PS4, I'll be able to play these fantastic tables on the big TV.

            I digress. Give zen some time. With all the negativity towards MS with this announcement, things are likely to change.

            Lesson learned SONY and MS. Compatability with older games is a must on your next cash cow/console. Be smarter about it.
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              Was my most played game from the 360 generation and I was genuinely excited for the xbox one release but there is no way I am paying for the tables again. It is pure greed to expect people to pay over 100 bucks again and I won't even bother trying the game out on next gen.


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                Been gaming for many years. When I buy a new system I don’t expect any of my old games to be available re-mastered for free.

                (In actual fact I expect NEW games but that’s another topic….)

                Some of the FX2 tables like the core pack I bought 3 years ago for a few pounds. I have had my money’s worth 10 times over.
                I certainly had no expectation that I would get them again free on my next console. By that logic we should be able to carry over
                all our XBLA games if they are re-released?

                I actually don’t begrudge Microsoft this – its just that Sony have been exceptionally generous.

                But still, maybe a compromise can be struck and say all games from Star Wars onwards can be carried over for free?

                Anything older than that and I don’t really thing people have much justification to complain….


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                  but gaming has changed.

                  For example "Pinball FX2" has never been a pinball game per se. It is a platform that facilitates the play of pinball tables.

                  but this is one I'm surprised wasn't forseen by Microsoft.

                  Weren't people annoyed enough when they could only get 1 achievement per new table because of their archaic system?

                  and on that note, could i ask if the Xbox One challenge system will be utilized? and will all tables have 3 achievements?


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                    I'm out

                    I can't believe the absolute gall that MS has to doublecharge me for content that I've already purchased. I've been defending my Xbox One purchase against several of my friends who are PS4 fans, but I can't defend this. I've had to throw up my hands and admit that Sony is killing Microsoft this generation, and I made a big mistake choosing Xbox.

                    Sorry Zen - I know it's not your fault, but I won't even be downloading this game unless this is resolved. I've bought every table available - even the football tables, and every variant, even though I don't even like football, or care about the difference between Real Madrid or Liverpool. Hell, I bought Deadpool a week ago - now I'm supposed to buy it again in two weeks? No thanks...


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                      I am also here to voice my dissatisfaction with the news that there will be no method to transfer content between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, which is a shame as it is a detraction from good news that Pinball FX2 is coming to the Xbox One. Like many on here I have spent the years since the release of Pinball FX(1) building my table collection, I think there are currently 5 tables (1 pack and 1 Single) that I do not own on the 360 (ignoring the football variants). To match my current collection it would cost (if the $ to £ conversion is a straight exchange rate conversion and not the usual $60 for a digital game = approx $90 for a digital game in UK prices) in excess of £60 (approx $100), which is just not going to happen and the fragmentation of having some tables in 1 system and some in another is going to make me think twice about buying any future tables that I can't pick up on my 360 (and probably have a knock on effect of my willingness to purchase Pinball FX3 if it ever surfaces).

                      Don't get me wrong in what I've said above I would be willing, if required, to pay a small transfer fee if absolutely necessary (Although still of the opinion if it can be done by Sony, why not Microsoft).

                      But enough of the moans, because it has been hitting Zen from all angles, so to try and assist, we all know that even before this generation of consoles launched we had buy now transfer to the new generation (either for free, via a special code redeemable on Xbox 360 that activated Xbox One Version or at a small cost) shoved in our faces but perhaps you had to be a bigger publisher to get those options. A few of these examples are:

                      The Dual Purchase Call of Duty Ghosts option, buy a dual digital pack, redeem on Xbox 360 then get Xbox One for Free:
                      Gamers can purchase a disc-less dual-license digital version of Call of Duty: Ghosts. This version will include the Xbox 360 digital version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, as well as the Xbox One digital version of Call of Duty: Ghosts - linked and unlocked via a user's Xbox Live gamertag.

                      It's still available now if anyone wants 2 versions of Ghosts for £36.29!

                      Then staying with Ghosts, although this time a time limited purchase:
                      Upgrading to a next-gen console? Purchase the Season Pass before May 31, 2014 and the content follows you FREE within a console family, so you can play now and upgrade later

                      Battlefield 4, This time with a small $9.99 charge:

                      Now onto forthcoming titles, already mentioned in this topic is Dance Central so I have no links for that, but as well as this there is Microsoft's own Project Spark:
                      Purchase content packs using Spark Tokens for new gameplay and building blocks for creation, or unlock content using Creation Credits, earned by creating, playing, and sharing games. Once acquired, all content will unlock across all available platforms. (The full release of Project Spark will come to Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows 8.1 later in 2014.)

                      All the links are (hopefully) from official sites, I am sure there are more, maybe some or all of these links could be of help.


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                        Well, i´m very unhappy too with this nonsense of have to rebying all the tables that i already own in my xbox360 (all of then, by the way) to play in my XboxOne. I hope Zen and MS can make things right with us customers as soon as possible, and lets not forget about our hard earned High Scores. Please Zen, don´t forget about the scores of the tables, a lot of then took really a lot of time studying the tables. An option to import even the achievements would be nice too, some of then was very frustrating to achieve, and the thought of having to do then all over again is very painfull.


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                          Thank you all so much for your feedback, I'm hopeful that we'll have good news to share soon. I will post the moment I know what the plan is for Xbox One


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                            Great news, thank you Barbie! Fingers crossed everyone...

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                              Originally posted by BarbieBobomb
                              No need to call our fans names, but I do understand why you're upset. We are too. We definitely do not want people to have to repurchase the same content. All feedback will be sent to Microsoft and we will be working on making this right.
                              Well if Zen needs fans support, they could count on me.

                              Sorry for Microsoft, but as many Pinball FX2 players, I was waiting for the annoucement of my favorite game on XBox One to chose witch next-gen support I will buy.

                              From the beginning, Microsoft definitely not assure with the tremendous work of Zen Studios. For example, patches to fix some bugs on XBox360 are difficult to achieve apparently because of the cost. While on PSN or Steam (which is also a Microsoft Support for PC), it costs nothing!

                              Today it's all their work on the XBox One witch is questioned, with a impossible cross-buy, due to a political problem between 360 and XBOne servers (players don't care = Microsoft is the only one boss of the 2 supports).

                              When Zen (originally a small studio) offers cross-buy or free tables, Microsoft (a financial monster) thought to earn more profit by repaying licenses that have been already purchased on their brand. So what Microsoft has really to gain? Simply watch the progress of the community whenever Zen out a new table or a new pack! Each time, new players make their apparution and buy others tables. I think it's a good reason to give them a cross-bye possiblity.

                              Zen Studios is an exploding studio and Microsoft stopped them in their run : they do their job (and more) by working on the XBone project, don't disappoint them, and don't disappoint us ! I'm wainting for solutions but for now, if things stay like this, my choice will be on the PS4, as many other players, believe me ! (and count on me to advise all my friends throughout the Steam and XBox360 communities.

                              Thank you !

                              (And sorry for my poor english, I hope I'll be understood)
                              French fans forum :


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                                "From the beginning, Microsoft definitely not assure with the tremendous work of Zen Studios. For example, patches to fix some bugs on XBox360 are difficult to achieve apparently because of the cost. While on PSN or Steam (which is also a Microsoft Support for PC), it costs nothing!"

                                This bit is just wrong, and out of date.

                                It used to be that your first game patch with Microsoft would be free (hence developers working really hard to make their first patch fixed as much as possible), after that, it would cost $10,000 per patch.

                                It is for this reason that games such as Brutal Legend were never patched further to fix game breaking bugs, as the cost to do so was so high.

                                But then, things started to change.

                                Mojang brokered a special deal with Microsoft to waive the patch charges for Minecraft (can you imagine what that would have cost with its constant updates!!?), and a similar deal was done with Undead Labs for State of Decay, and shortly thereafter, the patch fee was dropped entirely.

                                But through all of this, people were constantly singing the praises of how it is free to patch Sony games on the PSN, when in fact, they had in place a similar, if not identical, patch charging system as Microsoft.

                                I believe this has changed now also, so that it is free to patch on the Sony platform as well, but don't quote me on that.

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