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Pinball FX2 on Xbox One FAQ

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  • Greetings,

    Originally posted by xbone dude
    Never in the history of whining customers have I seen so much bellyaching about so little... No wonder gamers have a bad reputation in some circles. There is no conspiracy here, you are not being cheated, fleeced, hard done by or anything. You chose to move up to the XBone version (which you didn't have to pay for), you are able to import most of your tables at no charge (the rest will follow eventually) and what thanks do you give to Zen for this? You call them liars and cheats.

    I genuinely do not understand what all the fuss is about. Yes there are a few bugs to fix, maybe Zen should have delayed a little longer but then everyone was sniping at how long it was taking and telling them to hurry up! So lets sum this up.... Zen have given you a load of free stuff and you are insulting them as it isn't good enough.
    At last! Pleased I'm not the only one who is driven to despair when visiting these forum of late.

    Originally posted by xbone dude
    Well this is what I would like to say to Zen:

    Hey Zen thanks for the free game on XBone, thanks for making it so I can import the tables I bought on the 360 for nothing I appreciate that. Thanks for working on new tables so that I have a constant stream of new stuff to add to my collection. Oh and thanks for reworking the old tables so that they look better on the XBone. So far the cost of moving from the 360 to the XBone is no money and some patience... seems like a pretty good deal. thanks Zen. You can count on me to buy future tables as you have treated me well, I wish you continued success.
    Well said!

    I would also like to add that if it turns out the tables originally imported for free to FX 2 from FX (Excalibur and Earth Defense being two of them) are not to be free on the Xbox One then I am fine with that.


    • My GT is DongleUnlimited.

      I had no problems importing Paranormal and the original Star Wars Pack.

      However cannot import the Pinball FX2 Core Pack, Excalibur or Earth Defence Force.

      Thanks for listening.


      • Originally posted by Annodam
        I also have a problem with tables not transferring. I got Mars and Paranormal to transfer, but Earth Defense, Epic Quest, Excalibur, Pinball FX2 Core Collection and Marvel Pinball Original Pack will not transfer. I am still able to access them on my Xbox 360 with no problem. I did try to put this through MS tech support, but they say they are having problems seeing purchases that where made under the old point payment system. This might be part of our problem. I would be great full for any help you can provide. As an off hand question, anyone know if Pinball FX2 for Xbox One will get 3D support like on PS4? I will be patient while you try to work this as I know you are working hard. Thanks for your support of the Xbox community.

        Gamer Tag: Arcane Angel 67
        Thanks for the details! Not sure about 3D support, right now we're just working on getting the game functioning as intended for everyone

        Will update you all when I have news!


        • When it comes to Excalibur and Earth Defense, the import function doesn't seem to work for me either. All other tables transferred fine.

          Please help Zen Studios!

          Gamertag: CroutonCrusader


          • Hey everyone! A solution for the import issue is being tested right now and things are looking good. Should know more tomorrow or Friday, and as soon as I can I'll post a time frame when to expect the fix to start rolling out.


            • October 8th: Update regarding Pinball FX2 on Xbox One

              We have some excellent news for you all today! Microsoft has found a solution to the import issues with the Original Marvel Pinball pack, Earth Defense, and Excalibur, and the fix is now being rolled out. We thank you for all your patience and support during these last few weeks. If you had issues importing these tables, please go to ‘Manage Game' on your Xbox One, scroll to the right, and you should see content listed as ‘Ready for install' or you can find the content listed in-game or on the store and they should be listed for free if you already purchased them for Xbox 360. Please note that this may take some time to roll out to all regions. Let us know if you have any questions!


              • Great news and I managed to install the Marvel originals.

                Any news on the other pack that I can't transfer ?? Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles Pack.

                GT - Lurkio


                • Thanks Barbie!

                  I knew it would be sorted out. All I needed to do was be patient.


                  • Excellent news! Downloading them now!

                    Keep up the good work, Zen...hope to see Plants vs. Zombies soon!


                    • Originally posted by TV_Junkie
                      Excellent news! Downloading them now!

                      Keep up the good work, Zen...hope to see Plants vs. Zombies soon!
                      Dl now thankx


                      • I've found a problem with the Blade table, left flipper doesn't zoom to the target view.


                        • Thank you Microsoft and Zen Studios

                          Hey guys, just want to say you rock. I went into pinball fx2 15 minutes ago and all my tables finally transferred. Now let's get cracking on 3D and trial tables. lol. Thanks again guys.

                          Arcane Angel 67


                          • Oh, how awesome was it to just play the Spidey Table....

                            Good things come to those who wait. Thanks Zen.


                            • Just checked on the xbox one smartglass store & the packs come up as free!!! great news Well done


                              • great news, all working for me now. thanks patience is a virtue. But any news on walking dead? is this not coming across ? do I have to buy it again. Little disappointed if I do...... But what can I do not alot of money but a little frustrating.