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Tables wont transfer from Xbox 360

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    I'm having the same problem. Pinball FX1 & FX2 core packs won't transfer for me. The only tables I could get to transfer are Paranormal and The Avengers pack. Please fix this!


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      A possible explanation to why this is happening. Its long, but I think it holds merit

      About 3 weeks ago, I had issues on my XBOX One, where I noticed it was no longer showing transaction history, along with any local currency, or credit in my account, that I could use toward purchases. In fact, the console had lost my billing information I had entered. Little did I know, but in June, Microsoft consolidated their billing/account structure from a lot of their buisiness' into one site . Unfortunately, a lot of people had some legacy accounts that they did not account for, and it lead to what they called " Splintered Accounts ".

      I had a splintered account , which meant, my XBOX was not linking to the correct transaction/ purchase history database. So for even though it appeared to be working fine, the console really had no idea of my past purchase history.

      It took me 8 days of support, where they had to escalate the problem to top tier. I got lucky, because one person emailed me back stating she knew exactly what the problem was, and would fix it. She called it a splintered account.

      In order to fix the problem, every purchase I made, from around June to July, had to be refunded to me. All of the DRM liscenses had to be revoked. This was the only way they could fix the problem. She told me to just rebuy my content, and a new liscense would be downloaded to your console, on your fixed account profile. It was a hassle, but after she fixed my account, and I downloaded all my content again, everything started working correctly. I could see my history, I could use credit, my download history linked correctly.

      You will NEVER know you have this problem, unless you notice you have local currency stored, and it won't let you use it. The only fix, is to let support escalate it to a top tier. When you call support, if they don't help you, hang up and call again. Sooner or later, you will get someone sympathetic, and knows what the problem is. I know one of the support staff on the forums " Misses Quinzel " I think, knows this is a problem.

      Anyway, this could easily explain why 360 tables are not importing. If your XBOX One console has a splintered account, and is not linked to your 360's download history properly, it has no idea you purchased it. The 2 consoles really do behave differently when it comes to how they communicate with each other.

      Here is a support thread detailing the issue, and the fact it was losing people Gold status, along with transaction history/past purchases.

      Just a thought.
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        Star Wars tables issues?

        Originally posted by BarbieBobomb
        Hey everyone! I'm still getting reports of the Core Pack not importing correctly, so we are going to be investigating. Thanks for your patience!

        I'm still having trouble downloading the Heroes Within set of Star Wars tables, but don't see much mention of it. Are you guys aware of an issue with that set? I've tried multiple times to download, and am charged each time, but still no table. Xbox Support refunded the first 3 or 4 charges, told me to wait until the refund processed, and download again (I'm guessing the wait is to ensure that the license was removed from my profile) but I'm still not able to download.
        I did have some trouble with other tables at first, but only ones that were originally imports, and they are all available now.