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  • Having several issues

    I've been having several issues on Pinball FX 2 on xbox one. First, I've been able to import all of my 360 tables, with the exception of the two star wars packs. They both show as $0.00 but when I click to download them, nothing ever downloads, and I've tried some 50 times.

    Second is about the achievements, but I saw you posted you are working on it so I'm just gonna hope it gets worked out. I guess I'll come back later if it doesn't.

    Lastly, is about the one challenge, which I haven't seen anyone bring up. I've completed about 30 games now and it's still locked. I know two other people who also can't unlock it, and I'm just really hoping you can fix it before the time runs out.

    PS. I've seen other people complain about the lag with the flippers, but I saw none. What I am going to complain about is the insane amount of lag when nudging the table. There's no way I can perform a outlane ball save the way it is. I beg you, please patch it so it's as responsive as the 360 version was. Thanks

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    It's not a permanent fix but you may find using the dpad for nudging till they do something about the sticks. You can find it under controls.