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Friends Leaderboards Showing Latest Score not Highest Score?

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  • Friends Leaderboards Showing Latest Score not Highest Score?

    So glad this game is out that me and my buds are having a leaderboard competition to see you is classed as 'King of Games'.

    We are playing Sorcerers Lair but the friends leaderboard is only showing the lastest score and not the highest for us all?

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    Im having the same problem. I score 190m and then replay and the lower score overwrites my high score from friends leaderboards. Needs fixing ASAP since this game is pretty much all about competition.


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      Definitely needs fixing ASAP I agree. The game is useless without working leaderboards and superscore etc.
      I'm becoming slightly alarmed that nobody at Zen has even recognised there's issues with it all for many players. Lots of comments about Achievements and table imports but nothing on this.


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        Yeah It's happening to all my friends too, can't rally do much in our little competition league.

        Almost makes you want to play less after setting a huge score.


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          My wife logged into her profile and played the game and now the leaderboard shows her name associated with my score and my name next to hers? What on earth?


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            Im having the same issue with my high score not showing up on the leaderboard. It does show my highest score at the end game screen, but not on the friends leaderboard. I don't have much reason to play if its not going to keep the high score updated.