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  • Entering high score initials

    Please, please, pleeeeease allow us to hold down and scroll through the character selection when entering high scores instead of having to tap through each one. I know it's small and perhaps more 'authentic', but it's really obnoxious and I end up just entering AAA for all my high scores.

    Thanks for a great game!

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    Or, just remember the previously entered initials so we can just hammer the "A" button every time we end a game.


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      Exactly at least give us the option the use an on screen keyboard


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        Oops. Didn't see yours here before I posted this: The Initial Problem with Pinball FX2

        Hopefully one of these'll bring the message home.


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          On the PS3 if you press the right direction with R1 it goes through the letters really fast. Perhaps there is a button on steam version that is simular.


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            There is nothing "authentic" about having to tap the button to change a real world pinball machine will let you hold the flipper button down and scroll through the letters.

            That being said...I want them to keep it so you have to type your initials in. If you don't care enough to type your initials in just AAA like all the other apathetic people do. If you want pinball glory...type in your initials.

            I will say I think they save too many high scores....5 is enough....and why not "combo champion" "Loop Champion" or other table specific challenges to save on the high score chart?


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              Another slightly frustrated player

              Firstly, I love, Love LOVE Zen Pinball! It's game heaven for an old 25ยข pinball hound like me 👍
              The method for initial entry at the end is really aggravating though.
              Why not just let the keyboard arrows do the scrolling? It's just SO redundant, having to click the game's arrows for every game!
              Also, I've noticed that a couple of games do auto-save my initials... why not all of them... or am I missing something?


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                WORKING IN BoG

                For me, this thing is already working in the Balls of Glory table pack. When I finished the game automatically offers me the last saved initials. Too shame it works only on this 4 tables. I hope ZEN will make it happen on all the rest tables.