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  • Problems and questions.

    1) I own the 1st Star Wars pack on the XBOX 360. It will not download on the XBOX One. It does show as price $0. Have tried multiple times.

    2) I own Fantastic Four on the XBOX 360. It wants to charge me on the XBOX One.

    3) I just purchased the most recent Star Wars pack on the XBOX One. I have the email showing I purchased it and the money is gone from my account but it does not download and continues to try to charge me for it. Also, I just tried to download it on the XBOX 360 and it is trying to charge me again.

    If we buy tables on the XBOX 360, we can import the tables onto the XBOX One, if we buy the tables on the XBOX One, can we import the tables to the XBOX 360 version? If this the case, people should make sure they buy all their tables on the XBOX 360!!!

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    You cannot import purchases made on your Xbox One to your Xbox 360.


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      Ok. That's good to know. I was hoping that since the tables weren't downloading on my XBOX One, I could play the tables on my XBOX 360 till it got sorted out. I'll have to make sure that I buy my tables on the XBOX 360 so I can play them on both machines.


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        Saw a post by lord_raiden_128 saying he was able to get the missing tables by installing from the marketplace. It worked for me too!