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Random pausing/stuttering during gameplay.

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  • DugFreez
    This has happened to me also. Not a lot, maybe a half dozen times. I always get excited and think it's from an achievement popping, but it's just a random...pause.

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    started a topic Random pausing/stuttering during gameplay.

    Random pausing/stuttering during gameplay.

    This is a weird one.

    Whilst playing, the game will occasionally pause for half a second or so, audio continues, and then the game carries on as usual.

    At first, I thought it was because I was exclusively playing and streaming via twitch, but when discussing this with a friend that was watching my stream at the same time, he said that he also suffered from this phenomenon, yet doesn't stream on twitch, so it's not related to that.

    Whilst looking into this Zen, can you see about patching in the ball rolling sound effect too please?

    Thank you very much!