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How do you think this compares to real pinball

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  • How do you think this compares to real pinball

    it's been a very long time since I have played a real pinball machine. like if someone were really good at this game do you think they would also be very good playing a real machine ?

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    I would say if someone was good at pinball and WANTED to be good at this....they would have a very good chance at doing it. Going from a real machine to a digital one would take some adjustment, but there is also a lot adjustment that pro players have to make on real world machines.

    Each machine plays differently depending on many factors. Different rubbers, if a machine is clean or a bit dirty even the color of the flipper rubbers make a difference. Then there is the cases of machines being setup differently. Outlanes adjusted, center posts removes, the playfield incline increased or decreased and also the games rules setting changed.

    I good player in real life is also very good at picking up (and sometimes exploiting) pinball rules to get good scores. They usually don't shoot shots because they feel satisfying. They will bang the same shot over and over if that is what is going to give them good points. They also know what is a safe shot and what is not and play very controlled. This mentality should carry over from real world to digital play.

    The point is....a world class, real world pinball player is used to making adjustments. I'm quite certain they could make the adjustments needed to excel at video pinball as well.

    EDIT: I just realized I read your question in reverse and that really changes a lot in my opinion. No...think it would be harder for someone that is good at digital pinball to be competitive in real world pinball than it would be for someone that is good at real pinball to be good at digital pinball. If you are good at Pinball FX 2 you are used to the same physics and same conditions over and over. Take that away from a person and put them in a real world game of pinball....I think they would have a harder time adjusting to all the real world variables.
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