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    First of all I want to thank all of you at ZEN for the possibility to get all the tables bought on 360 for free on XBO... this makes the decission to continue buying new tables pretty easy. I've bought all tables on 360 and will continue to support your great work on XBO.

    At this point I've only one suggestion for PFX2. It's a little annoyance bugging me in all versions of Pinball FX and Pinball FX 2 on 360 and now XBO....

    To move through the characters on the highscore dialog I have to push the left/right buttons several times to move character by character. Please, it would be really nice to hold the button and characters move until button is released. Even original Pins support this

    Or did I miss anything and it's already possible with some combination I didn't find yet?

    With kind Regards