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    Hi I'm completely new to pinball, and I have the sorcerers lair table and guardians of the galaxy table. I have a couple questions. First of all during the "behind the walls" game mode on the sorcerers lair table I don't know if its glitched or I'm doing something wrong but absolutely nothing I do causes the gears to change directions. I tried the triggers and bumpers and neither cause the gears to change directions ever. Am I timing it wrong or using the wrong buttons? I'm so confused and frustrated because everytime this game comes up i immediately lose and one of the characters says "this doesn't make any sense" which is exactly how I feel. It makes no sense. I'm pressing the button it says to press yet nothing happens and I lose right away. Also I'm just really looking for some overall pointers because I really enjoy the game and I want to do well but I feel like I'm really so so bad at it. My high score is 21 million and I feel like I got that just by trying to keep the balls alive for as long as possible basically. I sort if understand the basics of the table but I really have sort of no understanding how to aim.

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    Behind the Walls is likely the easiest part of Sorcerer's Lair, though I suppose it can be a pain if you are clueless as to what to do.

    The first button you should be using to switch the directions of the gears is the Right Trigger. From there, alternate between the Left Trigger and Right Trigger until you've worked your way to the teeth at the bottom of the screen. When you reach the seesaws, use the Left Trigger and Right Trigger to tilt them toward the left and right, respectively.

    If this doesn't work for you, then something may be wrong.

    As for pointers in general, there is a stickied thread in this forum with guides to each table. Also, while you are playing any table, you can pause the game and view a Table Guide which usually includes a moderately detailed look at different aspects/modes for the current table. (However, some are more in-depth than others.)

    I've always preferred to play a table a couple of times to get a feel for the table prior to consulting the Table Guide found in the pause menu.