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Tables not transferring....

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  • Tables not transferring....

    I am an 11 year vet of xbox live, Check out my gamertag bobdigi68 ... When I try to transfer my purchased tables over from 360 to xbox one it tells me they cost $9.99 for the bundle. I read the FAQ and it should say it is $0.00 I have purchased many tables on my 360. Why is this not working? am I somehow doing something wrong? I am and have always been the only owner of this account.

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    I'm having the same problem along with lots of other people. It sucks I know! I hope they fix this real soon, I'd love to actually play the game.


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      Have you tried transferring from both in the game and via the marketplace? Some people have found that when getting the DLC direct from the marketplace it actually shows up as free.

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