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The Walking Dead achievement won't unlock

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  • The Walking Dead achievement won't unlock

    So I bought this table the day it came out for the Xbox One. I unlocked the medal for giving the high five but didn't get the achievement. when I came back the medal was locked again so I unlocked it again, still no achievement. I have unlocked this medal everyday since release and still no achievement. I looked on a few other sites and have seen other people with the same issue. Anyway to fix this? Is there a fix already being made? Anyone have any help?

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    I had the same issue, I think I unlocked it three times, and then eventually, after snapping the Achievement app back and forth a few times, it stuck and showed as unlocked.

    No idea if that is what fixed it, but maybe it is worth a try?

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      This has happened to me a few times, and not just in this game but Diablo 3 as well. It looks like Lord Dirt's finally unlocked, but if it happens again go into the achievements app and select the problem achievement. If it says 'Progress 100%' give it a few days and it should unlock on its own. There's no need to spend time trying to unlock it again. I'm not sure what's going on exactly but it seems to be an MS problem rather than Zen's.


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        interesting, it does look like it unlocked but I will have to check when I get home from work. I know there have been issues with achievements before but what threw me off was that the in game medal kept getting reset.