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Please Bring Ms. Splosion Man to XBox One

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  • Please Bring Ms. Splosion Man to XBox One

    Ms. Splosion Man was the only Pinball FX2 table I owned on 360 besides the old core pack as I have the other tables on PS3/Vita so I was kinda bummed to see it's not in your plans to port over. I thought I'd at least start this thread though, and maybe if enough people show interest then you all might change your minds, so like minded people add your support here.

    BTW, so I'd have some new tables to play on XB1 I finally bought the PBFX2 pack with Biolab, Secrets, Rome ...
    I've got to say, especially Secrets and Biolab, these are the most fun "new" tables I've played in a long time. I know that tables not tied to some existing franchise aren't as marketable (not sure how much the added draw offsets the licensing, but it must or we wouldn't be seeing all these licensed tables) but I hope eventually we'll see some more original Zen tables. It's rare one of your tables isn't at least really good, but more of your all time great tables, IMO, are originals rather than from any of your many licenses.

    Keep up the good work, and please reconsider about Ms Splosion Man.

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    I'm guessing it's maybe something to do with the licensing of the robot from Destructoid that is holding the Ms. Splosion Man table back.

    As for new original tables, Zen have said that they're working on at least a couple of these, so look forwards to a future announcement or two!

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      I hope they are, although I remember reading the same thing back when I used to come here daily looking for news about the DLC for the 3DS which was also being worked on and due (then) as soon as Nintendo allowed DLC. So I'll wait for an official announcement before I get too psyched.