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Split screen sound problem

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  • Split screen sound problem


    I've been playing Sorcerer's Lair in split-screen mode and I have noticed that with the last update (well, actually is the previous one, not the one launched yesterday) something has been broken.
    Now when player two is in multiball or in any special mode, the table doesn't play the music it would be supposed to be playing.
    It doesn't affect to gameplay, but it is "annoying", and more when it worked correctly at first.

    There is also a problem, that is when player one wins the game during and event (multiball or whatever), the special music keeps playing in the next game until player one enter in any special mode.

    I hope it could be fixed soon (at least the player two without special music and effects issue XD).

    I've only played sorcerer's lair in split-screen, so I really don't know if its only with this table or it is a generic issue.

    Thank you in advance!