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TITANFALL DLC was accidentally charging people

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    They have a separate x1 version made there is no importing technically. Titan fall got their pricing error for season pass owners fixed fast. Zen isn't some small publisher indie; pinball fx is the top selling game continuously on 360 and other consoles in their marketplaces.

    I seriously doubt they are so helpless and without clout as they wanna claim. A month implies they just don't care to fix the issue and take their time on purpose. They sure hurried the hell up when their was the complaints over the next gen boards not carrying over.Now that a few tables imported and fury has died down they have slowed down getting them to work.

    Almost like if you hired someone to work on your house and they only did 80% and promise to get to the rest and its obvious they don't care to get it done and taking all the time they need.

    They fixed the importing (so they claimed) in about 2 weeks or so they said they needed a month. Sadly the jobs not done. But now you have another month and still not fixed?

    yeah i may not know the exact details of this whole shifting blame game between ms and zen and who's at fault. But I'm not so quick to blame ms and defend zen. Zen seems to be playing the defenseless martyr card here.

    All i see is Titanfall pricing error for pass holders fixed by next day. Zen a MONTH for a pricing error on a x1 version. If any company took a month to deal with a problem adequately they should be called on it and not sheltered and coddled like a poor child.

    If Ubisoft or any other game company did this they'd get called on it for sure and no one would be going aww leave them alone its a small company. A month? seriously?? If they offered next gen importing/upgrading and nearly a month later it wasn't working like they said trust me nobody wouldnt be silent on that one

    So yeah accuse me of trolling or whatever. I'd rather be the vocal one who calls b.s as I see it. Wasn't the same kind of outrage what really pushed zen to allow importing to begin with? Great so why let up now?

    not the first company to promise something and not fully deliver or slack off once attention was diverted

    When zen announced the importing everyone was like YEAH zen your the best! patting them on the shoulder telling them how cool they are. Now a month later still not fixed and still no disclaimer

    you can't convince me they really care about fixing this as fast as possible. Easier to play dumb and blame others while still charging.
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      Pinball FX2 on Xbox One FAQ

      Going off of my own limited knowledge of the XBLMP, correcting the price of some DLC, compared to importing DLC from a previous generation of console, is two completely different things entirely, and therefore are not even remotely comparable.

      But hey, what do I know?


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        Hello, I've been a lurker/reader for a while now and I was hoping my first post would be more positive...

        I don't know whether you get off on irritating people with your incessant repetitive ill informed rants, or that you are genuinely blind to what others are trying to tell you, but please get your facts straight before embarrassing yourself and at least make more believable comparisons like what BBIAJ's said above!

        Zen Studios are smaller than you're making out (50-100 employees). They're certainly not EA/Respawn (9300+/90ish employees - almost 100 times more employees), that get priority due to being more popular.

        If you haven't noticed, pinball is a niche market so wouldn't make much business sense for Microsoft to put them first...however unfair that sounds!


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          Originally posted by peterkoz View Post
          They have a separate x1 version made there is no importing technically. Titan fall got their pricing error for season pass owners fixed fast. Zen isn't some small publisher indie; pinball fx is the top selling game continuously on 360 and other consoles in their marketplaces.

          //Blah... Blah... Blah//

          All i see is Titanfall pricing error for pass holders fixed by next day. Zen a MONTH for a pricing error on a x1 version. If any company took a month to deal with a problem adequately they should be called on it and not sheltered and coddled like a poor child.

          //Blah... Blah... Blah//
          You are comparing apples with sausages.

          One pertains on one ecosystem. The other across two ecosystems that aren't compatible.

          Be patient and please listen to your host on this site who has been extremely patient despite your incessant whining.

          Microsoft initially wanted us to pay again for these tables and it sounds Zen are doing there best so we don't have to. You have lost absolutely zero by these tables not transferring yet.


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            Where's the proof that microsoft wanted us to pay again? because i would be very interested to see the link to said evidence. Unless its zen saying that.

            Keep hearing people say that but not sure where they are pulling that out of it. Zen said that yeah i'm not surprised.

            Its been over a month so yeah accuse me of incessant whining or whatever insult you want to whitewash the facts. Doesn't matter because its been over a month and still no results. Words are cheap actions speak louder. So far they've done nothing to expedite this it seems. Nothing so much as a marketplace disclaimer.

            So yeah keep attacking me to deflect from the obvious. Defend them and their sluggish attempts at fixing it. Surprised so many wanna coddle them and pretend they are some little company so we should forgive a months+ delay whereas any other company would be slammed for such delaying

            Also it doesn't matter if they have 10 employees or 10,000 zen is a well established publisher which i'm sure has some clout with ms. I already mentioned that zen pinball is one of the highest selling games on the marketplace. Continuously on the best sellers lists. It's like saying mojang (prior to the recent sale) had no clout because minecraft sold so many copies.
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              Can you please start a "pointing fingers" thread and argue in there?

              Something different to report. Gamertag saintnick912

              Previously Earth Defense and Excalibur, when selected in the Zen Studios Collection tab, would show "Buy/Import Table $2.49" in the right pane. The Marvel Collection would similarly show "Buy/Import Collection $9.99" on the button.

              Now Excalibur still shows that, but the other two show "Buy/Import" without a price listed like the working imports did for me. When I click through though the prices are still shown. Don't know if this is some marketplace glitch where it just couldn't grab the price at that moment, but since it's different in the UI figured I'd report here.


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                To EFF:

                Your absolutely right pinball is a small niche genre. But again PBFX2 is constantly at the top of the sellers list regardless of that fact. Its placement on the marketplace is prominent. Very Hard to navigate the marketplace and not come across a mention of it. Its what sells alot of numbers that means the most. Zen Pinball is very popular and sells alot of copies. Thats all that matters not company size or whatever.

                Given that fact i seriously doubt ms treats zen like some small indie outfit when they bring in the huge sales. Their titles don't sell small digits. I highly doubt ms treats them like a beggar when they come around asking for assistance. Aside from Minecraft i'm pretty sure zen is somewhere at the top in that list.


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        [email protected]

                  In the list of Notable the bottom...Zen Studios.

                  I think that's the reason people refer to them as an Independent Studio, you know, because they are!


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                    okay point taken

                    but their sales of zen pinball,etc are not small. Implying they have no clout with MS is silly to say. Still stand by what i said for the most part.


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                      Zen this is normal at the end of the list, in alphabetical order is placed xD.

                      Here we are not debating the solvency of a company or the number of employees you have, we are trying to see that I was to come to this situation.
                      perhaps delaying the launch of the game, could have solved such problems, for which the only thing they get is creating user discomfort and distrust in the company.
                      one thing is to be patient, and quite another to take you hair.

                      It is human to err but is also wise to rectify. tell that to Microsoft with the Kinect in One xD.

                      It is true as another colleague commented above, the company has put all the means at its disposal to enable us to enjoy the content they previously bought, but honestly
                      How many of you would be willing to buy the content again I integrate?

                      says the fellow who also lose nothing ... I disagree there as the classic content we have lost forever, like other tables like Rocky and Ms Splosion ... money thrown out the window.

                      Forgiveness that is not happy and content, after carrying over two months since leaving the game and not have even a solution, I am in favor of this type of message, in which you can discuss in a civilized manner, and always with respect not only to the company, also to other users who do not feel as I said R.E.M

                      Shiny Happy People

                      we must be prepared for criticism and praise equally


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                        Originally posted by El Sixty View Post

                        says the fellow who also lose nothing ... I disagree there as the classic content we have lost forever, like other tables like Rocky and Ms Splosion ... money thrown out the window.
                        Well, if that's the case, then every game made for Xbox 360 that was not ported to Xbox One and given away for free was money thrown out the window. That's like over 99% of Xbox 360 games.


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                          I honestly believe very very few people would buy again so they in essence had no choice to do so. Which was evident by the huge outcry of negativity to that plan. Pinballl fx 2 has been around for a long while and most people who used the 360 or any last gen console is familiar with Pinball FX. You either have those that A) Didn't care for it or B) Loved it and for the most part ended up buying most of the tables. Most like myself has accumulated a collection of tables. Its like a hundred bucks or so. And nobody wanted to buy not only the game again but all that content. If Zen didn't allow the importing i think they would have lost their fanbases loyalty. The responses were more akin to what i have to pay again for my content for next gen? No thanks and probably most or if not all would have skipped the next gen version.

                          So yeah I'm sure they were completely thrown off by the level of response to that idea. Thing is they basically said okay we will have it ready but give us a month. Which everyone was like sure okay take a month to sort out any issues. Announced it was ready 2 weeks later but lets be honest wasn't ready as only a few tables imported. Now that they fury has died and they allowed a few imports they are taking their time it seems since nobodys on their backs anymore about it.

                          I'm not trolling for the record and my outrage is sincere. I'm flabbergasted when people defend and coddle a company that got an extra month or so and still haven't fixed the issue. I'm probably the only one it seems taking them to task over this. Anyone else would have been blasted for this long a delay

                          They said they would fix it fine but this long is ridiculous. Zen shouldn't be surprised I or anyone else would suspect feet dragging on this issue. But apparently people wanna defend this delay as normal. Somethings not right when one company is blaming the other and vice-versa for the problem. And at this point I'm more akin to blaming zen.

                          so yeah go ahead attack me. I only wish more people were voicing their disapproval of this whole issue, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one rolling their eyes going really zen? how much longer till its fixed? how many more months?

                          I've had people say to me but they don't have to allow the importing as if they are doing a generous charitable thing.
                          Actually you could claim that in the long run business wise they had no choice. It's obvious most people did not want to buy the same content yet again just for next gen. Thats 100 bucks on tables. Yeah I want to see a show of hands of who would honestly pay 100 bucks for tables again? Anyone? (Honestly though)

                          Most people essentially said uhh no thanks zen and would have skipped the next gen version if not allowed importing.
                          What they did was wise in the long run. The customers spoke and got what they asked for.

                          Problem is they aren't following up completely on what they said they'd do. You know after kotaku, ign, and pretty much all the media has stopped glaring at them and the uproar has died.
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                            I'd happily rebuy Earth Defense, Excalibur, and Marvel Original Pack. Hell, I was willing to buy all of Pinball FX2 under the original announcement deal.

                            And at launch, ALL of the tables DID import, it was just the delayed release of the three above mentioned tables for which the majority are having issues, and some are continuing to have issues with the Core pack.

                            TWD should be sorted, in time, and yes, after GotG imported no problem, it was a surprise, but to those on the forums, not unknown about beforehand.


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                              I see the mouth parading as the voice of the people is still around. I only wish someone ELSE would be left to voice their disapprovals. I cant take this guy serious since he was accusing Zen staff of stuff they didnt do and of course being called out on it means HE is the one being attacked and naturally only trying to call out a company on their ills because multi billionaires Activision can get the team behind the best selling game franchise in history to be able to fix an issue of their own in a much quicker fashion.

                              Zen are an indie dev, you dont have to like it but you have to accept it - games like Costume Quest remained forever broken because funny enough they are not of the same level of finance and team size as Respawn. Why dont you probe the differences between Zen and them? Oh no instead its a case of saying comparing Walmart with a local family owned corner shop because they just so happen to be in the same business.

                              This is an issue Zen are aware off, dozens have joined the forum just to add their tags and what have you to the mix to show the scale of the issue (because practically 1% of the gamers will actually use the forums) so i dont want to come here for any update to see the same singular 1% of the 1% rant on an and on again because its getting my goat. There is conductive criticism and there is trolling. Im trolling the troll - thats how fed up i am of him. Kinda hope he buggers off and is never seen again once this issue is resolved because im finding myself doing what he is doing, arguing for the sake of arguing and its not like me...


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                                I don't see why an indie company should get a free pass on criticism when they're being crap. Selling video games is a business, not a charity or cute little social club. FX2 on the XO is rubbish and the tactics being used to sell it are looking more and more shady as time goes on. If Zen don't have the resources or commitment to produce a decent product then they should get out of the industry right now. It's only downhill from here no matter how many apologists wish otherwise.