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Crashing at Leaderboard

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  • WoodlandSpirit
    This is something I have experienced since release and seems to be linked to any significant climb in the leaderboard, sounds like it has gotten worse since the resent patch.

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  • copeknight
    started a topic Crashing at Leaderboard

    Crashing at Leaderboard

    About one-third to one-fourth of the time, something odd has started happening, I think since the last patch. When I get to the leaderboard screen at the end of the game (showing superscore, friends' high scores, etc.), the sound goes wonky. It sounds kind of like the sound effect that plays as each section is displayed goes into a sped-up loop. The sound trills for about 5 seconds and the game crashes back to the dashboard.

    I've seen it happen on different tables and under different circumstances. Sometimes it happens earlier, just after I enter my initials in the high score box but before the leaderboard screen appears.

    Most recently it was on Tesla. In this case, I was the new high score among my friends. The sound problem and crash happened when typically the little animation would play with my gamer tag moving up the list. Another time when it happened, there was a score in the list without a name but with a ranking of -1.