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Sorcers Lair glitched?

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  • Sorcers Lair glitched?

    Just stopped playing Sorcerers Lair and probably never play it again and here's why:

    With my first ball I managed to score 3 extra balls lit & collected -> 6-way ramp, Midnight & Whisper award.
    With my first ball I also managed to get a 10x Bonus lit.

    The moment Midnight Mode started, my Bonus disappeared and reset to 0. Once Midnight was over, my Bonus was still 0.

    Then I lost my first and initial ball. Waddaya know; I was allowed to shoot ball #2. No, not one of the extra balls, but ball #2.

    Regardless if any of the Table-guides do or do not tell me I can only get this much balls or this much bonus; the table giveth and the table taketh.

    Hopefully Zen will fix these issues so others will never encounter this but I seriously think FX2 for the One is very buggy (gameplay and license transfer) and should not have been let out of its dev-cage for several months to come.