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The quest for Perfectionist. Come on, we can do this!! Input needed.

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  • The quest for Perfectionist. Come on, we can do this!! Input needed.

    Hi all. This is for anyone looking to get the perfectionist achievement.
    No whining, just determination. ( OK maybe a little whining )

    First let's confirm what's actually needed.
    So if there's anyone who has actually gotten this can you confirm what's needed and when the achievement pops.
    For example, is the requirement getting 13 obsidians in 1 game before the first Midnight Madness?
    Is it only completing all 6 missions?
    Or can you finish this over multiple rounds ( i.e. some before the first midnight madness and the rest after )
    This is the main reason why I want to know when the achievement pops. ( So I can pause the game so the ball doesn't drain and lose future scoring because the achievement pop up blocks the flippers This should to be changed)

    This is what I'm currently thinking is required for this achievement:

    Complete all 6 missions -6 Obsidians
    Complete Freaky Forest - Obsidian obtained --Tree mission
    Complete Tower Crawler Combo - Obsidian obtained --Stairway Mission
    Complete Elusion Mastery Combo - Obsidian obtained
    Complete Gargoyle Multiball - Obsidian obtained
    Complete Sorcerers Multiball Obsidian obtained
    Hit Whisper at the first stage of Midnight Madness
    Random Award from Whisper Obsidian obtained?

    Is this correct? Is this what everyone else is thinking? That's 13 BTW.

    Now I know what you are all thinking. I can't complete the Bones mission so I can never finish this.
    I'm asking to see if anyone has finished this mission.
    I think I have been close several times.
    For the times I have been close ( i.e. I made several great shots in a row around the far right orbit and got lots of good bumper action) it always says "hurry up". Then I usually flub my last few tries and I fail.
    I think this version of the game is different than the 360 in that the bumpers aren't as robust( ?). not sure if that's the right word, but any time you have a ball between the bumpers bouncing back and forth, on the 360, you'll get a lot of hits. However on the xbox one it's like 3 hits tops and it's out of there. Not always, but a lot. Also noticed this in several other games ( Excalibur for example)

    Anyway I'm looking to see if anyone has any workarounds for this mission and have they worked. Or has anyone tried these several things:

    1) do the crazy bumpers help?( the random award from Whisper )

    2) Do the crazy spinners help ( the random award from Whisper )

    3) has anyone tried combining them with any beneficial affect and does anyone know how long these both last. Like can you get both, immediately start the Bones mission. Does that affect the mission?

    4) are there any other workarounds? For example, in the guide for this table, it says of the Whisper or Citadel Muiltiball mission:

    " To activate this Multiball Mode you must hit the Citadel Ramp (4) 7 times, each time you hit the Ramp successfully you gain a letter towards spelling Citadel. Once you have lit all the Citadel letters the Multiball mode will begin.
    This is a 2 Ball Multiball, now all you need to do is hit whatever Ramp/Orbit that Whisper hovers over, these include –
    • Ghost Ramp (6)
    • Tower Ramp (8)
    • Tower Mini–Orbit (9)
    • Right Orbit (5)
    After 5 successful Jackpots you need to hit one of the Balls up the Citadel Ramp(4) and into the Extra Ball Ramp (1) to achieve the modes goal. At that point the currently selected Main Table Mission will be automatically completed and if you have not already scored 2 Obsidian Stones with that Mission (before having to go through a 13 Stone Midnight Madness to reset the count) it will also be awarded."
    If the Bones mission is the selected mission, is this considered completed?
    Half way down the page.

    If this works, this isn't on my current requirement list so I may have to change it.

    Now if the requirement is just get 13 Obsidian Stones, can you get more than 1 from Whisper in a round ( I know that once you complete Midnight Madness she can give out another) or can you get more than 1 from say the Elusion Mastery Combo? Sometimes I can get lots of these in a row ( and sometimes I can't get even 1 out of 20 tries ) and I have noticed that after 10 shots and the extra ball award, it starts back to novice. I've never tried getting 5 more, but is that possible?

    If anyone else has any advice, strategy or insights please post them and I'll add them to the first post ( If I can) please post them.
    When I finally get this ( and I will get it, maybe not now or soon, but I will get this) I'll post how I got it.

    Also send a FR on live so we can compare scores. It's always helpful to see how you're doing compared to others. And don't worry if you don't think your scores aren't great. Many of mine aren't great. Yet.
    And if anyone here is on TA, send a FR there too so we can track progress there too. I am always encouraging others.

    Let's Do This people


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    First update.
    The answer is yes you can get a second obsidian stone from the Elusion Mastery Combo.
    However there's no second extra ball. I didn't try going for a third yet, but that should be possible.