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SFII Ball Glitch

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  • SFII Ball Glitch

    This clip isn't as bad as the first time it happened, where my ball literally leapt off the play field and left the table (I was broadcasting at the time so I couldn't record it, sorry!), meaning I had to tilt the table, causing the ball to pop up from below the flippers and be lost.

    However, the ball can be seen to jump over the right flipper, which I'm assuming isn't normal behaviour?

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    Looks like it bounced off of the corner of the slingshot somehow.


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      Could be. When the ball flew off the table was far more game breaking though!


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        Something similar happened to me where it flipped over the flipper, but instead of the ball draining like yours, my ball completely disappeared under the bottom of the table.
        No idea exactly where it went.
        The game just sat there waiting for I don't know what. Waited like 2 minutes. Finally I had to restart.
        I guess since the ball didn't drain so I could get all the end of ball bonuses it wouldn't give me another ball. Actually I might not have had another ball. I don't remember exactly.