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3D Update for Pinball FX2??

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    Originally posted by Brujaria
    Says it in the description when you go to the games store and in the game. Says it for all of the new tables. Once you buy the table, the description disappears.

    I'm disappointed that Zen won't even address the issue. I used to think they were great, but now it's clear that they don't care. They stopped allowing people to play demo tables before buying and now, it's just half-assed tables, falsely advertised features and no support.
    Can you tell me exactly where you are seeing that it says 3D, and what region you're in so I can have the team check it out?
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      Still no 3d updates :-(


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        Any update on this Barbie:

        Originally posted by BarbieBobomb
        I don't think this will be a problem - I think the team anticipated that the Xbox One would be 3D capable before launch, so I don't see why we couldn't implement it later once it is an option. Our priority right now is getting imports from 360 to One, and having a smooth launch, so once we're up and running and we don't have any major issues, I think we can revisit 3D


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          Originally posted by BBIAJ
          Any update on this Barbie:

          Nothing to report at the moment.


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            Originally posted by V3ntilator
            I think only PS3 version have 3D. Maybe PS4?

            Wii U and Xbox versions do not have 3D.
            Castlestorm have 3D on 360 and PS3, but not on Xbox One i think.
            The 3D support is quite random, but seems like PS3 overall got most of it.

            I own most tables on PS3 too, and the 3D depth is awesome.
            Thanks for the heads up. The 3d in castle storm is quite good.