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Pinball FX2 Crashing

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    It's known and they're working on it; see the bug sticky thread. Me, it happens occasionally at the Microsoft Studios logo. Just starting again works for me, but others are experiencing CTDs pretty much every time. There seems to be some relation for the constant crashes and having very large numbers of friends with FX2 (as in ~100 or more). Going into offline mode can be a workaround. They're definitely working on it at high priority, but no ETA on a patch yet.


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      Over 2 years ago I posted this crash in detail, I shelved Fx2 as it started infecting many tables and I come back this month to the same issues. The crash that I described in a lot of detail in this thread is still happening whenever I beat a score, and now effects Earth Defense, AVP, Aliens, and God knows what else. I probably should have checked to see if the game was playable for me before buying some new tables.


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        Yep, more testing done today and every table crashes at results screen, whenever I beat my highest score. I'm normal xbox One dash 10.0.15063.1005


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          I´m using the public version too
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