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  • Xbox 1 / 360 Purchases -Admin

    I have purchased several games on my Xbox one, when I log onto my 360 the same tables are showing I have to purchase. Why in the world would I need to re-buy the same tables!? Which I'm not going to do. That's all out robbery to try to charge me twice for the same exact game.

    Admin: What do I need to do to have this resolved please?

    Thank you.

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    I don't work for Zen, but it sounds like you purchased the tables backwards.

    In order to have them available on both systems from one purchase you would have needed to purchase them on the 360 and then import them into Xbox One. That process only works one way from 360 > X1. It doesn't work from X1 to 360 unfortunately. This isn't a Zen Studios decision it's evidently a MS limitation.

    I don't believe there is anything you can do at this point sadly.


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      Correct - you need to purchase them on 360 first, then import. The only suggestion I have here is to contact MS for a refund so you can purchase it on 360 then import it to Xbox One. They don't always give refunds but it's worth a shot.


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        Geez, what a scam that is, nice of them to let you know prior to purchasing right? Pretty contradictory in that scenario. I will contact them. Thanks


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          Originally posted by FireFighter
          Geez, what a scam that is, nice of them to let you know prior to purchasing right? Pretty contradictory in that scenario. I will contact them. Thanks
          That's really not a scam. It's the exception and not the rule that you automatically get a free version of a game across multiple platforms. Zen has been pretty clear about how it worked if you checked into it ahead of time, and it's honestly amazing that they're doing it at all. The other big pinball game gave you a discount on owned "seasons" for a short period of time if you owned it on another platform, but I don't think that's even the case anymore.

          Keep in mind that Sony has to specifically label games as "Crossbuy" in their store instead of specifying "not crossbuy" on everything else.

          Similarly, you can buy a lot of EA and Ubisoft games on Steam and have them activate on the Origin platform and the Uplay platform respectively with the serial keys, but it's not necessarily every single game, and they have no obligation to make it every game.

          A major side of Nintendo's business is getting you to rebuy their games on as many platforms as possible. Even more extreme, your purchases there are tied to the hardware, so it's pulling teeth to get access to your digital content on a new system if your old one was stolen, lost, or broken. That has nothing to do with backward compatibility either, like Microsoft is rolling out, this is on the exact same platform, Wii to Wii, Wii U to Wii U, 3DS to 3DS.

          Caveat emptor, it's your responsibility to do your homework and read the fine print when making any purchase. It's up to you to figure out if the limitations placed on you with the license you're getting to use the software are worth what they're charging. No one is trying to trick you out of your money. Lots of times it isn't worth what they're charging, but no one is out to scam you. Especially not in this case, when your issue is you're not automatically being granted a second copy of something. You're getting what you paid for, anything else on top of that is a bonus.

          /rant (sorry)