TOP Digital Pinball Tables

I would love to see everyone’s Top 10 Pinball Tables for Pinball Arcade and Pinball FX2. .There’s a lot more available now than when I lasted played 2 years ago!

Keeping in mind that I haven’t played all of them:


Star Trek: The Next Generation
Twilight Zone
Medieval Madness
PIN*BOT (sentimental favorite)
Theatre of Magic
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Attack from Mars


Moon Knight
Fantastic Four
Secrets of the Deep
Captain America

Super League Football gets accolades and that’s literally the only table I don’t have so I need to jump on that one. There is definitely some consensus on tables that get a lot of love, and some that are clearly awful. V-12 I am looking at you.

Another trend I noticed: a lot of the earliest Zen tables aren’t great (with the exception of Sorcerer’s Lair), and probably should be avoided in favor of their later tables. This makes sense, as they’ve been building this damn game for 5 years now, and probably got better at making the tables as they went.

I’ve picked up quite a number of tables for Pinball Fx over the years, and thinking about my favourite tables I’ve played, it really only ever boils down to Mars and Paranormal. I’m looking forward to giving the Bethesda tables a run later on, but I won’t be buying those until I buy something else from Steam (currency conversion fees suck). Mars overall I liked because of how intuitive it was right from the start to pick up and know what needed to be done tai game. Either that, or I just really suck at Pinball. But it is definitely a table where it is cool to just sit back and relax with. Paranormal I spent a lot of time learning thanks to the setting, and I appreciated how straight forward it was to earn extra balls. It isn’t the most difficult to tables to play, but it does reward skill and provides some great feedback as a result. For instance, snapping the photos of Nessie always felt satisfying when slapping the ball through the lower ramp.
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