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    evilron, i totally agree with you that local hotseat should count towards your high scores. Usually have friends over and we play the hell out of the core 4.


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      Originally posted by UranusIsBroken
      Bio Lab
      Earth Defense
      Secrets of the Deep


      Speed Machine
      Nightmare Mansion
      Rocky & Bullwinkle
      Street Fighter II Turbo
      Fast forward a few months and....

      Earth Defense
      Secrets of the Deep
      Speed Machine
      Nightmare Mansion
      Rocky & Bullwinkle
      Street Fighter II Turbo

      I desperately need Mars and Paranormal. And Captain America. And The Incredible Hulk. And Ghostrider. And more. LOL


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        Fast Forward a few more Months and....

        1. Excalibur
        2. Earth Defense
        3. Fantastic Four
        4. Wolverine
        5. Captain America
        6. Nightmare Mansion
        7. Spiderman
        8. Blade
        9. Iron Man
        10. Pasha
        11. Agents (Like this alot, but Sniper Glitch is Game Killing)
        12. Secrets of the Deep
        13. Speed Machine
        14. Buccaneer
        15. Mars
        16. Bio Lab
        17. Street Fighter II Turbo
        18. Rome
        19. Rocky & Bullwinkle
        20. Extreme


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          Ill have a go....

          1. Nightmare Mansion
          2. Mars
          3. Secrets Of The Deep
          4. Fantastic Four
          5. Excalibur
          6. Blade
          7. Captain America
          8. Spiderman
          9. Pasha
          10. Agents
          11. Streetfighter
          12. Wolverine
          13. Iron Man
          14. Earth Defense
          15. Bio Lab
          16. Rome
          17. Speed Machine
          18. Buccaneer
          19. Rocky and Bullwinkle
          20. Xtreme


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            My rankings of table I own;

            1. Mars
            2. Spiderman
            3. Secrets Of The Deep
            4. Wolverine
            5. Pasha
            6. Iron Man
            7. Agents
            8. Rome
            9. Blade
            10. Nightmare Mansion
            11. Earth Defense
            12. Streetfighter 2
            13. Speed Machine
            14. Excalibur
            15. Bio Lab
            16. Buccaneer
            17. Xtreme

            I intend to add F4 & Cap at a later date.


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              Fast Forward a few more Months and....

              1. Excalibur
              2. Wolverine
              3. Secrets of the Deep
              4. Captain America
              5. Bio Lab
              6. Earth Defense
              7. Blade
              8. Pasha
              9. Rome
              10. Nightmare Mansion
              11. Fantastic Four
              12. Agents
              13. Speed Machine
              14. Spiderman
              15. Buccaneer
              16. Mars
              17. Street Fighter II Turbo
              18. Iron Man
              19. Rocky & Bullwinkle
              20. Extreme


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                BTW, I think its awesome seeing other people with Excalibur ranked so high. Especially you, rapierdtwit. :-p


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                  I just really enjoy a well balanced table much more in the long run - the ones that I will go back to time and time again. For me it is not about just getting a high score, but instead to have a really enjoyable and engaging experience and yes... that is where many people disagree with me and that is obviously fine... am sure they are also having lots of fun while they are spamming away at a certain multi-ball/mode that is easy and safe to activate and then feel good after 10 or so boring hours when they have a super high score. I really enjoy the tables where you have to deal with all the various angles and bounces that the table throw at you from having to attempt all the different modes and missions to get to and beating Wizard mode.

                  My favourite tables are usually firstly set up so that Wizard mode is your ultimate goal - score-wise as well, and secondly where a well planned and executed strategy can net you major scores without having to resort to spamming anything. The tables that rate highly in my books, especially the top 3, are meeting either one or both of these criteria:

                  1. Fantastic 4 - Love the stackable multi-ball, modes and NZ ballsaver... perfection!
                  2. Moon Knight - Very nice and challenging table that stands out for its innovation if both layout and missions.
                  3. Biolab - So much different than all the other tables. Lots to do.
                  4. Fear Itself - Challenging but fair missions. More than enough variety and very nice innovation on the table.
                  5. Blade - By far the most interesting table and loads of fun to play. I do find it very tough though.
                  6. Pasha - Another unique table... so wish that we can move away from the Marvel tables for a while so that we can get more of this kind of brilliance.
                  7. X-men - Perfectly flowing table and there is always something happening. Challenging but you always feel like you are just one game away from the perfect game.
                  8. The Avengers - Another very nice flowing table. Great challenge juggling the different colour balls. Nice scoring progressing and flow through the wizard mode.
                  9. Excalibur - really like the table's theme and many modes but struggle with not being able to permanently activate the "kickbacks" and to hit some of the targets - have no idea what the wizard mode looks like.
                  10. Mars - Very nice table but it takes a really long time to get anywhere. Pyramid Multi-ball takes a lot of my time and energy on this table.
                  11. Earth Defence - Really like all the different modes and missions. Feels like something is always happening.
                  12. SotD - Like the table but don't like the balance towards spamming the multi-ball modes. Really suck at the probe multi-ball else I would have played it through to Wizard mode often.
                  13. Captain America - a bit on the easy side and gets too repetitive.
                  14. The Infinity Gauntlet - Innovation at its best and stackable modes and multi-balls. Haven't played it enough so will most probably move up higher on my list once I get a change to play it properly.

                  Some of these tables do have spamming opportunities but it is going to take you much longer to reach the same score as what it will take you to successfully play through to the Wizard mode repeatedly e.g. Wolverine with 4x Adamantium ball Wizard mode bonus.

                  The table's that rate the lowest for me in terms of playing it again in the long run once you have initially beaten it or put up a high score are:

                  15. Sorcerer's Lair - Very nice scoring strategy opportunities but end up having long games and your best scoring opportunity is still spamming by not completing any of the missions.
                  16. Wolverine - Claw save makes it really worthwhile to take a few chances and to go for the Wizard mode. Missions are lots of fun. Games are really long though.
                  17. World War Hulk - Pretty straight forward and the modes and multi-balls pretty quickly feels repetitive.
                  18. Thor - Challenging missions and wizard mode, but scoring unbalanced towards spamming certain ramps.
                  19. Ms. Splosion Man - Nice scoring strategy opportunities but the table is very easy and you end up having ridiculously long games.
                  20. Epic Quest - Nice idea, but really not much to the table once you have played it a couple of times.
                  21. Ghost Rider - Nice looking table and quite fun missions and modes, but the too many extra balls and ease of the table make the games way too long to be fun in the long run.
                  22. Rome - Love the theme but once you get good at it you can spam Romulus multi-ball which screws up the scoring balance. Getting to wizard mode is really tough as well.
                  23. Spiderman - After you have beaten it once and have put up a big score it becomes very repetitive with the different modes flowing into each other.
                  24. Ironman - One major challenge to beat Ultimo but once you have done so the repetitiveness of the missions get too much to really want to play it again.
                  25. Nightmare Mansion - Nice table with nice ideas (especially the way you activate a mode), but in the end it quickly gets repetitive. Ihearawitch EOB bonus also opens up a spamming opportunity as the wizard mode scores low.
                  26. Street Fighter II Turbo - Really like the table a lot but really hate the excessive spin on the ball.
                  27. Speed Machine - Play the table every now and then but have never given it a good shot. Might rank it higher once I get to know it.
                  28. Paranormal - Very nice ideas but all the game breaking bugs and the jackpot buildup during the game makes that I won't ever play it again because I will need a 20hour game to beat my score.

                  I'm really glad that Zen with their latest table releases have moved towards Wizard mode based tables as it gives more incentive for many of the people to work at getting to Wizard mode and not just to spam modes.

                  The tables I don't think I am ever going to play because they just don't feel up to standard are (rated on how much I like the theme for the sake of giving it a rank).

                  29. Agents - Really like the theme but the lack of audio/visual cues makes it really tough to know what the heck is going on. Also seemed the table is badly glitched.
                  30. Rocky & Bullwinkle - Don't care about it one bit and the voices are killing me.
                  31. Buccaneer - Same as Agents
                  32. Extreme - Nauseating to say the least.
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                    Things change:


                    Earth Defense - hardcore table without being toooo unfair
                    Captain America
                    Secrets of the Deep - unbalanced but lots of fun

                    Not Bad

                    Pasha - flawed gem
                    Excalibur - nice sense of humour
                    Nightmare Mansion
                    Fantastic Four
                    Bio Lab - love the theme but has boring minigames, no flow
                    Spiderman - unbalanced, silly even by comic standards


                    Iron Man - sterile, boring, promotes OCD gameplay, zero depth

                    May They Rest In Peace

                    Buccaneer - scoring is broken, sounds and effects are missing
                    Rocky & Bullwinkle
                    Street Fighter II Turbo
                    Speed Machine


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                      hall of fame:

                      1.fantastic four



                      4.iron man

                      5. captain america


                      7.secrets of the deep


                      9.nightmare mansion

                      10.excalibur(but the kickbacks are annoying )


                      the first 7 in my list,i love it^^

                      and now the badest tables:
                      wolverine:really shit^^the theme issto colorfull i hate this table really ^^
                      sry for my really bad english


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                        May as well post a new list to see how I feel atm. Finding it hard to order them atm so will just put them into categories I think.


                        Urm... *Owl's hoot*

                        Currently Playing:

                        - Captain America
                        - Mars
                        - Pasha

                        Tables I still like:

                        - Extreme
                        - Iron man
                        - Biolab

                        Tables I Hate:

                        - Speed Machine
                        - Wolverine
                        - SoTD
                        - Buccaneer

                        Un-rated: (because I just don't play them atm)

                        - Rome
                        - Blade
                        - Spider-man
                        - Agents
                        - Excalibur

                        So yeah - Really unsure on a lot of tables at this moment.
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                          1. Wolverine
                          2. Mars
                          3. Pasha
                          4. Excalibur
                          5. Blade
                          6. Fantastic Four
                          7. Bio Lab
                          8. Secrets of the Deep
                          9. Spiderman
                          10. Iron Man
                          11. Nightmare Mansion
                          12. Street Fighter II Turbo
                          13. Agents
                          14. Rome
                          15. Buccaneer
                          16. Speed Machine
                          17. Extreme

                          Dont own yet:
                          Captain America
                          Earth Defense
                          Rocky & Bullwinkle

                          What we need:
                          Another pirate-themed table! Buccaneer doesn´t realy do it justice.. I still play the old "Pirate"-table from Slam Tilt.. that one was awesome.. would love to see some real Zen-Studios-Magic on that theme!