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How long have you played on each table?

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    Originally posted by Cloda View Post
    Wolverine - 236M - 4:41
    Spider-Man - 469M - 6:38
    Iron Man - 99M - 11:41
    Blade - 167M - 12:51
    SotD - 537M - 16:56
    Biolab - 144M - 9:35
    Pasha - 294M - 17:39
    Rome - 134M - 18:04
    Mars - 620M - 17:39
    Total - 2,700M - 115 hours 44 minutes (4 days 19 hours 44 minutes)

    Average Time per 100mil (hours/100mil): 4h17min
    Rough Average Per Day (hours/day): 0h46min

    As of 4/26/2011

    If you compare my Average Time per 100mil with KGSoloman8000's of 2h22min it should be immediately apparent that he is a much more skilled player than I am It's been a steep, but tremendously enjoyable learning curve for me and over the last two weeks I was able to just about double my superscore (Mars accounts for a big chunk of it though). I believe that if I had my current skill level when FX 2 came out, that I would have had a much better Average Time per 100mil ratio. Would be interesting to see what the top players ratio would be.

    Some of the table's where I have spent a huge amount of time on is the tables where I had problems (Rome, Mars) or am still trying to get to/complete the Wizard mode (SotD and Blade). I have given up on Ironman for now as the table is driving me crazy and is absolutely irritating. Rome was my learning school for FX2 and really pinball in general and those 18 hours was done in about a weeks time - haven't played it since but is two tables away on my list of tables to improve on next: Blade, Biolab, Rome and then again the dreaded Ironman hopefully a new table will come out before I get to Ironman, but I guess not - please ZEN be kind and release the next table soon

    I guess it is needless to say that my Xbox has turned into a dedicated Pinball Fx 2 machine and I can't wait for more tables to come out
    Thought it was about time to update all of this.

    Wolverine - 2082m -14:50
    Spiderman - 12291m - 30:28
    Ironman - 143m - 26:54
    Blade - 950m - 23:33
    Fantastic 4 - 877m - 22:2
    Captain America - 995m 18:28
    SotD - 577m - 19:2
    Biolab - 370m - 29:32
    Pasha - 719m - 20:0
    Rome - 158m - 19:9
    Mars - 795m - 28:22

    Total - 19 957M - 251 hours 35 minutes (10 days 11 hours 35 minutes)

    Average Time per 100mil (hours/100mil): 1h15min
    Rough Average Per Day (hours/day): 1h
    Average Time per 100mil (Spiderman = 2 Bil): 2h36min

    As of 9/08/2011

    The hours are racking up as my Xbox is still more or less a dedicated pinball machine. I have made quite good progress in the 100 or so days since my first post in this thread and there is a few tables where I have or where I feel I can get a billion (missed Captain America by 5 mil and Blade by 50mil in the last two days - very frustrating ) - to get that extra few 100mil to get to that Billion e.g. Captain America still takes a huge amount of hours as the games becomes longer and a good game can still end up short. The one table where I'm just waiting for things to click is Biolab... just not happening yet!!!
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