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    Encouraging players to abuse a glitch is NOT the voice of reason. It is just plain wrong.

    I guess if you found a security glitch in some online gaming console you would steal everyone's information just to demonstrate your point.

    Exploiting the glitch for over 1 billion points was totally unnecessary, as much smaller tests already proved the point.

    How about we delete this thread and stop advertising the glitch.
    Zen will fix it if and when they decide to, assuming that a fix is possible.

    note: You can reset your local scores in the operator's menu.
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      Originally posted by FIREBALL View Post
      note: You can reset your local scores in the operator's menu.
      Cheers, I'll do that.

      Also, I guess it was a curiosity thing, you do the glitch to see for yourself, now I understand how to do it and how it works I feel I understand that this really is a leaderboard breaking glitch. The point is, it is a repeatable and easy to do glitch that I'm surprised Zen didn't pick up on.


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        Exploiting a scoring glitch is not in the same class as stealing. Were this a matter of an exploit who's use could actually hurt someone, physically, emotionally, or financially, I would agree with you 100%. The fact is this is a game, and we're here to have fun and challenge ourselves and each other. As long as this glitch remains, this is not possible on this table. The more it gets exploited, the sooner it will get the notice of ZEN, and the faster a fix should be implemented.

        I am also not encouraging anyone to abuse this glitch, I am just stating my opinion based on previous experience. Bugs largely go unpatched, even in competitive games, until they get exploited to the point they are a problem for the community.


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          I don't know how this glitch works, but im still going to play F4 simply because i like the table and want to beat the wizard mode, ZEN should make a statement about this supposed glitch and get it sorted and end any finger pointing.


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            Is it a glitch??? or a discoverd way to make ur total bonus pay big?

            Concerning F4 top scores I do think it’s a glitch. The way a did it was just logical to me (no offence to anyone) that when you finish the TORCH mission it stats the Nova X40 for 20sec. So I try different ways to make my death bonus or Total bonus pay big. It took me a few times to find out how to do it and I finally got the way to what I tought it would do and it just did X40 my total bonus. Is it a glitch??? or a discoverd way to make ur total bonus pay big? I'm #4 on the leaderboard and 2 persons in front of me are people that I told the way to do it.

            Its been now 2-3 months now and there's not alot of people that find it. There 's way to do it and when to do it and trust me, the games knows ur gona do it cause it will do everything to make sure you don't. I’m not pinball MVP but let me insure u that I spend sh$%s loads of hours, broken remotes (flippers) not by trowing it and trust me I tought of it big time and hurting fingers thick as a brick. I’m now in the billionaire club for the first time let me enjoy it. Hey I’m in the top 4 leaderboard in a pinballFX2 game. For people who wants to no how to do it just send me a friend request (wizardscore) and it will be my pleasure to tell u. Mic is a must please. ZEN U ROCK MY WOLRD.

            Tag name: Lorsdky
            Ps: sorry for the writing I’m French native
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              Disgusting bug

              Originally posted by blue View Post
              I agree with Steve.

              We don't even know for certain if this is a bug (granted, it probably is). Two months ago, we were desperate for new tables. Now that they're here, we're at each other's throats.

              I really like Fantastic Four. It's fast, has mean outlanes, and features excellent audio design. When I said it's the closest Zen has come to a physical table, I meant it--they're often buggy on the stock firmware.

              Let's enjoy what we have while we wait for Solitude or crackervizzo to respond. Thanks to everyone so far who's been investigating the issue and helping bring it to Zen's attention.

              Of course this is a bug!! This is a pathetic table and probably most hated by me besides paranormal. I love this game and these two tables are really turning me off! I have the ability to drain and get the bonus but refuse to record a false score. Not only do you score big from EOB but you have to time it just right. At least that's what I'm doing. I'm tired of wasting my time on bugged out tables. I learned my lesson after losing 164 billion to paranormal! I am a skill player and draining is not a skill. Neither is exploiting a glitch and knowing how to do it everytime. I don't blame the people that do this but I dont have it in me


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                Funny, I was looking at this thread yesterday. Tried the glitch but I guess I didn't time the nova flame ball drain right. Oh well, cheap anyways.