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  • That is a really good idea E113


    • Who of Marvel vs Capcom should they feature? There's way too many people to have focused table, even X-Men table will be very restricted

      I doubt there would be more than Chris, Dante and Morrigan vs Captain America, Iron Man and Storm having any actual role on table.

      I don't know if anyone has mentioned Power Rangers (the 1 and only true series). Would be pretty fun to build Megazord and hear the tune

      Plus I way prefer licensed tables over originals.

      EDIT: Oh and how about Asterix&Obelix, Tintin, Lucky Luke and ehhhh in a pack.

      Oh and talking about Marvel/Disney deal Disney pack would be pretty fun but also some sort of Kindgom Hearthish/Disney Universe kinda table with Mickey, Aladdin and Snow White working side by side

      And next up is Looney Tunes of course. Bugs Bunny table with Elmer, Yoshmite and Rocky&Mugsy as enemies, Daffy Duck facing Marvin the Martian, Wile e Coyote vs Roadrunner and Tiny Toons table

      And that leads to my personal favorite Muppets again. Muppet show style red curtain themed table with Gonzo tricks, Fozzie jokes, Band, Swedish Chef cookings etc. With the new movie coming (by Disney no less) it would have been a great option. Or maybe a pack, Christmas is coming so Christmas Carol is sensible, Treasure Island, Sesame street for kiddie table (with huge Elmo in middle screaming "that tickles" everytime ball hits him about every 2 seconds)

      Oh and someone mentioned Sonic Spinball. Another fun yet completely unlikely option would be Pokemon pinball. Not like it was but something like Pokemon Stadium with 5-10 iconic pokemons present

      lol i sound like 5 year old with this lineup...

      Let's have Saw table with various deathtraps and tons of gore. You are Jigsaw and need to lure people into traps and make them fail


      • A few table ideas

        1) I spent Friday nights during high school hitting the bowling alley, which had Fish Tales, one of my all-time favorites.

        2) Prior to the Zen games, there were some decent video pinball games, but for me none came close to Last Gladiators Digital Pinball on the Sega Saturn (which is currently available - albeit expensive - for iOS):

        The dot matrix screens on this game really mimicked the animation of pinball machines at the time. They also used a hi-res mode on the Saturn and some nice transparency tricks to put the graphics a step above anything else.


        • Hey GameDrop

          Welcome to the forum.
          Not sure if you've heard but Farsight (maker of William's Pinbal Hall o' Fame) is releasing a bunch of old originals in digital form on XBLA sometime in 2012; good chance Fish Tales will be in there somewhere, that's a classic table.

          A few Zen tables are inspired by old tables, though; and it would be neat to see what Fish Tales would inspire. Personally I'd like to see more old-school feel tables, like the FX1 originals, to get more of a pinball-table feel. Zen is going the other way though.


          • A "Zen community table". For *us.

            *us includes members from all platforms


            • A Mega Man table could be awesome with a lot of possibilities.


              • Thank you for the welcome Dalek Nation! I will be sure to be on the lookout for that collection in 2012. Since I'm here, I might as well throw out a few more ideas.

                Nightmare Before Christmas
                I haven't found much on this out there yet aside from a partially constructed Future Pinball mod. Still, seems like there is a lot of great content there, along with a devoted and rabid fanbase.

                Someone has already built a custom physical table:

                This is a hot license and there is a lot of content there.

                Stern actually makes one, but I haven't seen it in the wild yet. Still, I can't really imagine another license that cries out more for bright blue LED lightning:

                Game Licenses
                There is such a rich selection of characters and environments to pull from for building video-game based tables. It doesn't have to be mascot-based either in the traditional sense; we can skip the weaker Sonic Spinball-type games and instead go for a Speed Machine-style Forza table, for example. I think a Halo table with a holographic Cortana similar to the characters in the Marvel tables would turn out pretty well too. I've also seen Marvel vs. Capcom suggested earlier in this thread; I have to agree. Zen has already handled licenses from both companies, so it seems like a natural progression.


                • Originally posted by Dalek Nation
                  Personally I'd like to see more old-school feel tables, like the FX1 originals, to get more of a pinball-table feel. Zen is going the other way though.
                  It might be nice to see the engine support a retro/remix switch that lets you jump back and forth between the two types on the same table. Of course I understand this would be more work; I'm just saying that it might be nice to let us pick whether we want to play the traditional old-school FX1-style tables, or the more modern - and sometimes over-the-top - FX2-style tables.


                  • Okay, one more, and then I'll let someone else talk.

                    Since Paranormal released around Halloween, it would be nice to see an Xmas table releasing now. Santa, snowmen, trains, lights, trees. Could be a nice bright table because of all the lights.

                    I'm thinking something along the lines of the Winter premium theme on the Xbox 360. Or maybe the Santa's Village premium theme. But of course a holiday train driving through the table, and Santa's sleigh and reindeer flying overhead.


                    • How The Grinch Stole Christmas, or Nightmare Before Christmas.
             The City Is My Church


                      • I really hate to sound like the grinch, but any christmas theme other than "The Nightmare Before Christmas" would make me puke. Funny though about the Nightmare Before Christmas is Licensing shouldn't be too much more than what Zen has already accomplished because it is a Disney property, and Disney just happens to also own the Marvel license as well.


                        • Oh that's right. Nightmare Before Christmas FTMFW!!!!
                 The City Is My Church


                          • Community Designed Table

                            I would so love it if Zen offers us the opportunity in some ways or means to be involved with the design of a table. From my side I would be interested in just pitching ideas to Zen or to even teaming up with a group of guys/gals to work on the table layout and rule sheet/scoring strategy. I'm am sure that there are people around here that have the interest/background to look at the theme (no licensed themes - all original), sounds, music, 2D graphics and 3D modelling and what ever else is required.

                            Zen can even guide the process by e.g. inviting input over a couple of weeks:

                            Week 1 and 2 - theme, Short list themes and final selection.
                            Week 3 and 4 - layout and table dynamics (3D models and animations)
                            Week 5 and 6 - rule sheet and scoring strategy
                            Week 7 and 8 - sounds and music

                            So that after 2 months or so the community will have given Zen a clear idea of what kind of table they want and then Zen can put the pitched ideas through their magic table making machine . The community should off course also be involved in problem solving and Q&A and it would be really awesome if Zen could do a weekly blog documenting the process.
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                            • Originally posted by Cloda
                              I would so love it if Zen offers us the opportunity in some ways or means to be involved with the design of a table.
                              Thats what I'm talking about, at least I got one supporter Tnx Cloda!


                              • A Meccano or lego table would be cool.