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  • Not a table idea, but a menu option. Colorblind mode. While not colorblind myself when long gaming sessions kick in this is THE BEST thing to enable. I exclusively play League of Legends in this mode and would like to see it in pinball FX 2


    • Megaman! First robot on Everest!

      different bosses. different weapons to use, which like in the games, hurt certain bosses more. A large cast of supporting characters, and the fact that capcom isn't doing anything with him and zen has already worked with them for the SFII table.

      Another great table would be a mountain climbing table. Like EVEREST! or something. One of my favorite tables is Secrets of the Deep. I think a table with a similar exploratory feel would be great. Every mission brings you higher in the altitude. There could be an avalanch multiball and the spinner could be used for different things like refilling oxygen tanks and climbing up ropes. They could even use gimmicks like wind on a mission to change the ball physics a little. I think some of their best tables are originals, and not based on any licenses. Another fantastic table is Biolab. The best music of all the tables and a totally weird idea that is amazing.
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      • Originally posted by Mini Colossus

        One of my favorite tables is Secrets of the Deep. Another fantastic table is Biolab. The best music of all the tables and a totally weird idea that is amazing.

        Gee it would be great if PS3 players could play these tables. Exclusivity is really starting to irk me.


        • Why not try some music licenses?

          Iron Maiden pinball

          Arguably one of the bands with the most rich, iconic imagery in all of music. You could do a table based on each album artwork. Each album has its own style/theme and a different Eddie. Tons of background music to pull from. It could be amazing.

          My ideal choice would be Somewhere in Time. The LED display font goes perfectly, it has a future/sci-fi theme, that Eddie animated on the table would be awesome. Perfect for this game. Please make this happen.


          • Cheech and chong table!!!!

            ive always been a huge fan of the cheech and chong movies and think a Cheech and Chong table would be not only funny but awesome to play!!!!


            • Old thread, I know, but I have to second a few ideas that would be a good fit for pinball, have decently broad appeal and have never had pinball tables before that I'm aware of...
              • Futurama - Endless possibilities.
              • Ghostbusters - How was there never a real Ghostbusters table made? Maybe now that the third movie might actually be happening...
              • Aqua Teen Hunger Force - There was even an episode where Shake had a ridiculous ATHF-themed pinball table with foot pedals and like 18 flippers. He said something like, "If the Family Guy can have one, why can't we?"
              • Portal - Now that you are getting on Steam...
              • Archer - Please let the rumors be true...

              And I'll add one new one...
              • Adventure Time - A bit more obscure, but it seems to have a decent following among college students and adults, not just kids (6.5 million Likes on Facebook, apparently). My girlfriend and I -- both in our 30s -- love it. There is a crazy amount of material there.

              I wouldn't mind seeing more originals, either, and there were some good ideas in this thread. But I think these licenses would fit Zen's style very well and have a lot to offer in terms of characters, story/mission ideas, sound clips, etc. A couple might be a bit hard to fit in with the ESRB rating, but I bet you could still do something fun, even if you had to "bleep" a few sound clips.

              If you can get Star Wars, I'd have to think that you can get anything!


              • MLP:FIM loads of things could be done with this also. Obviously this wouldn't be to everyones taste but there are many people that would love it. Needs a deal doing with Hasbro but I'm sure when they see the stirling job done with the other licenced tables they could be convinced.


                • Thanks for all the suggestions!


                  • I'd like to see some tables based on Namco/Midway games. For example; Pac-Man/Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Digdug, Gauntlet, Mortal Kombat (2nd vote), Spy Hunter etc. Those two licenses would keep you guys busy for a long time. WB now owns the rights to Midway, so that should be easy to get.

                    I'd also like to add my vote for Nightmare on Elm Street (Robert England) and Friday the 13th. Expensive to acquire I'd imagine, but would be very fun.
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                    • I can agree with most things, but please. please, please, for the love of all things good in the world, don't let the evil of MLP:FIM ever get made.


                      • Original Power Rangers

                        What we need... Is an original Power Rangers table or two. Like, 90's era. Maybe you could have this prologue mission where you morph all the characters, and then you would have another mission where you connect the parts of the Megazord, and you can see the power rangers fighting a certain monsters, and that would be a multiball...

                        Nostalgia Trip.

                        Get Saban to allow this please...