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    Originally posted by Postman
    I would love to see a Gradius table - it translates well to pinball:

    The boss has 5 layers of armor protecting it's core, so to destory it you must hit it many times....

    The weapon select could be advanced by orbits, then selected by shooting a target.....

    Options could translate to multiball mode, up to four like in the Gradius games.....

    Shoot the Core!
    I used to love playing Gradius(3) in the arcades both an awsome and annoyingly hard game.
    would love to get Gradius 3 on xbox live or the Thunder Force games.
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      Originally posted by ShoryukenToTheChin
      I would think a Bowling Themed Table would be cool, that requires you to do various missions like 7-10 split etc. Imagine a set of Pins coming out from the middle of the Table and you have to hit it right to get a strike.

      I think it would be awesome.
      Did I hear someone say "The Dude!"?

      Besides an El Duderino table I´d realy love to see some Steampunk-Themed stuff or a better pirate-themed table than Buccaneer.. If it should go with a franchise, Monkey Island or Pirates of the Caribbean would be fine, but a good Pirate-Table without any relations would be awesome too.. hell, now that I think of it.. a Monkey Island Table..


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        Originally posted by Sildorian
        hell, now that I think of it.. a Monkey Island Table..
        Rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle as a ramp, anyone?


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          Originally posted by Mind Scratcher
          Rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle as a ramp, anyone?
          That or the ball rides a rip cord to the lower playfield. Plenty of freedom with such a theme, I like the idea


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            Originally posted by satch
            I would love to get Gradius 3 on xbox live or the Thunder Force games.
            If they ever make a Gradius 6, I'd love to see all the previous versions as DLC, including the amazing 5, done by Treasure......

            As for other shmup pinball tables, Gradius is the most likely, since Konami is the most successful company still in the running. Irem is about to pull the plug, and Technosoft is down to manufacturing Pachinko machines last I heard.....

            Since movies have been mentioned, I must also nominate a table based on the 80's classic, Flash Gordon.


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              new tables

              since i am a big zombies fan i would love to see a nazi zombies tables from call of duty,but i know its M rated so....... a StarCraft 2 themed table would be sweet. tell u the truth any new table would be nice, my money is burning a hole in my pocket for any new pinball table. fx2,zen pinabll or marvel i have them all.


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                I've been thinking of a few:
                (and yes, I know they're pretty much all from movies and shows, but think of them more as examples and less as potential problems in obtaining legal rights.)

                Drumroll please...

                1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I own every episode and there are so many pinball possibilities hidden throughout the series it's crazy!

                2. Nightmare Before Christmas. Or anything from Tim Burton or Tim Burton-ish. He's one of me favorites Also, I'm a MEGA fan of all things horror-esque. Basically anything you'd find on TV during Halloween. So, let's think INSIDE the padded cell, shall we?

                3. Hercules (the Disney version). Like the ROME counterpart, only more playful. Y'know, with Zeus and Hades, the Titans, the Fates, Pegasus, Phil and that furshlugginer heel of his!

                4. Alice and Wonderland, or some kind of trippy fun-land

                5. The Fifth Element.

                6. Sunday, Monday, Happy Days!

                7. Tales from the Crypt. This is the only actual pinball machine that I really remember seeing, and I was terrified to even go near it.

                8. Phineas and Ferb. The show is hilarious, and with it's 2 storyline approach (Dr. Doofenshmirtz & Perry the Platypus/Phineas & Ferb's inventions), it would make a great pinball table.

                9. Carnival. With roller-coasters and a Ferris Wheel and ooh! that 'test your strength' game; Fun for the whole family!

                10. Hollywood. Climb your way to the top of the celebrity pyramid and eventually transition into a super-huge mega star! Win awards, date super models, have a psychotic breakdown or two...

                11. Dark humor. I understand the drawbacks of making tables a little less than kid-friendly and intended for a more mature audience, but since xboxlive's parental settings can be adjusted, why not make a "viewer discretion advised" kind of table? ...just a thought

                12. The Wizard of Oz. "Follow the yellow brick road..."

                13. Crash Bandicoot. 'Twas my first favorite video game :')

                That's all I can think of for now.
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                  Originally posted by mumva
                  I agree with ShoryukenToTheChin's suggestion that a bowling theme, or any sports theme like golf, billiards, soccer, etc., would be a great addition to the library.

                  Dungeons & Dragons would be pretty cool too. Various classes, quests, and leveling up seems like it'd be perfect for pinball. Better yet, you guys should get friendly with the guys at Behemoth and make a Castle Crashers table.

                  That would be an awesome idea for a Zen original tables 4-pack. 4 sports themed tables. I personally think it'd be awesome to see a bowling, hockey, baseball, and billiards themed table.

                  And speaking of collaborations (a la Ms. 'Splosion Man), Castle Crashers would be out****ingstanding. That game was a riot, and still one of my all time favorite XBLA games.


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                    I would like to see the following made into tables for pinballfx2:

                    Familiy Guy
                    Wild Western Shooter themed table
                    Star man
                    Teen Wolf
                    Back to the future would be have to agree


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                      If they do back to the future they could have the deck change as you travel through time.

                      Castle Crashers would be awesome too.

                      I'd like to see a nature inspired zen garden with stone ramps and cherry trees and maybe a waterfall. The missions could help rotate through the seasons on the table kind of like Blade's day/night, but have the decorations change like blossoms on the trees in spring and the leaves changing colors in fall. Winter would be tight with snow on everything.

                      Actually I want a four pack of nature inspired tables. Like maybe a niagara falls table or grand canyon, ones that feel more realistic than classically pinball. I guess there is almost a god game feel to it in my head, flicking a pinball around ramps carved into the canyon walls. What if it started a 1/3 of the way full, and with the 'Flash Flood Multiball' jackpot shot you unleash a torrent of water that erodes you down a level on the table.


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                        Im curious to know if Sorcerers Lair, Paranormal and Ms Splosion man tables will be available sometime this month..maybe around the time of the PAX event.


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                          I would love to see some of the pinball dreams/fantasy tables in pinball fx 2 in full 3D. Tilt as well on the Saturn/PS1 also had some great table. But licensing issue might make them tricky. A Marvel vs Capcom table would be nice.
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                            There are two things I would like to see in Zen's future tables.

                            1.) A center post between the flippers. Most real pinball machines have this feature and it can be very useful in preventing SDTM shots.

                            2.) A magnet next to the upper flipper. Since Zen likes having a third flipper with at least one difficult ramp shot. It would be nice if they added a magnet to the flipper, which can be turned on at certain times to make that ramp shot a little bit easier to hit. One of my all time favorite pinball tables (Rollergames) has this feature. By shooting the ball into the hole (The Pit) when lit, the magnet would turn on and ball would eject to the magnet.

                            I've included a picture of the table below with the two features (magnet and center post) circled in red.

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                              "Fantastic Four " Has a magnet next to the upper flipper. I think its activted by hitting (right) orbits and spelling invisible ?.


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                                A Battlestar Galactica table would be awesome. The missions could focus on finding the way back to earth and could involve minigames like finding out, who's a cylon and who's not.