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    I really want to see them put together more IP's. It's awesome seeing them cross promote Marvel and Ms. Splosion Man...but I want to see more of the likes of SoTD, Biolab, and Excalibur. I like some of the ideas revolving around a casino type table. That...would be awesome. I also like the idea of tables based around sports like baseball, hockey, and even bowling. An amusement park themed table would let you have rollercoaster like ramps, carnival games, different "rides... The minigame and DMD possibilities would be endless. Whack-a-mole minigame...a fun house labyrinth in a similar ilk to the maze in Biolab. If I could see one "licensed" table...I'd like to see what they could do with a Monopoly theme. Free Parking Jackpots, getting your balls thrown in Jail, then getting a get out of Jail Free card and having them all set free...Community Chest and Chance...collecting all the properties and building houses and hotels.... The ramps could be the four different sides of the table. The ball could even turn into one of the tokens. LOL Table would have some serious possibilities. Chutes & Ladders would be another board game with a lot of potential.

    I just do not think it's necessary to have someone else's product attached to your table for it to be entertaining and deep. These guys are more than capable of putting together unique ideas and themes, and I'd like to see more of it.


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      You do know that there is already a reall monopoly table made by Stern.

      watch it on youtube it looks fun.

      Also there is a table in Future pinball named big spender .
      its a casino theme where you start with a amount of money points and you have to win some more by roulett and slots but if you dont play right you go bankrupt

      Future Pinball game engine.its free.Thank to artists who make tables and engine and to community sites
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        I've posted dozens of ideas on the huge, older threads on this topic, but to summarise my favourite themes:
        • Steam Punk
        • Neo Tokyo
        • Fun Fair
        • Heavy Metal
        • Wild West
        • Baseball
        • Aztec/Inca?
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          It's already been suggested but I think hockey and soccer tables would be funny and awesome!


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            Enter the Dragon
            Mortal Kombat
            Kill Bill
            Night of the living dead
            Machine Girl
            Stone henge
            The Bourne Identity
            Friday the 13th
            DR Strange
            Ghost Rider
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              Hey Zen

              Is there any chance you guys can change the extreme table theme to the original black knight 2000?


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                Originally posted by JFabien
                I would like to see the following made into tables for pinballfx2:

                Familiy Guy
                Wild Western Shooter themed table
                Star man
                Teen Wolf
                Back to the future would be have to agree
                Indeed Back to the Future would be great but than if we already tai about Movie or TV shows than it would be also great to get a Transformers G1 Tribute or Transformers from the Movie Universe.


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                  By the way: I just got an Idea for the upcoming Ghost Rider table!

                  Just look at this:

                  ..while listening to that:
                  Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

                  Any questions?


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                    Originally posted by Sildorian
                    By the way: I just got an Idea for the upcoming Ghost Rider table!

                    Just look at this:

                    ..while listening to that:
                    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

                    Any questions?
                    kasabians single "fire" would work well with the ghost rider table and/or of course johnny cash.."ghost riders in the sky". But of course the Best would be joe satriani's "surfin with the alien"


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                      I see alot of why not make a "insert my favorite game here" responses.

                      Instead of Zen focusing on licensed ideas, why not use more universal ideas that could be developed cheaper (and hopefully faster)?

                      I will repeat some of the ideas already posted.
                      - Carnival/Theme Park/Rollercoaster.
                      - Games of chance (cards/slots/etc).
                      - Sports (have a baseball table with a throwback mini play area like real baseball pinball tables).

                      All of the above ideas are fairly universal and would allow Zen creativity insteading of having to stay true to licensed material.

                      I will add a few ideas that I haven't seen posted.
                      - Western/Gunslinger theme

                      - Battle mode for mutliplayer.
                      During a battle mode when you achieve certain goals or make shots on your table, it affects certain aspects on your opponents table.
                      -- For example, the first person to hit your own mushroom bumpers 100 times will disable your opponents bumpers for the rest of their ball or x amount of time.
                      -- Another example, achieve an extra ball on your table and "steal" a remaining ball from your opponent.
                      -- Battle mode could be score/timed/goal based.


                      PS. I found online that Gottlieb had patented a 2 player simultaneous table (each player standing at opposite ends of the table). Here is a link with the patent info ( The detailed info talks about a table that has the ability to tilt the table/playfield and offense/defensive strategies.

                      I vaguely remember playing a football version of a flat 2 person table in an arcade. Here are 2 links to tables like this from the Internet Pinball Database

                      A.G. Football (
                      A.G. Soccer-Ball (

                      A seach of head-to-head found 22 matching results (
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                        A gunslinger table! Nice idea!
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                          +1 to a "gunslinger/wild west" table. A battle mode, would also be billy bad ass. That would be seriously cool. I love the idea. It reminds me of playing puzzle games. For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction for the other player.

                          I'd love to see a design for linked tables. You beat wizard mode, or something to that effect on one table, hit a ramp, and it launches the ball on another table. See how many tables you can make your way through in the 3 balls given, with the ability to earn extras as you move to each new table.


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                            +1 to "gunslinger/wild west" from me too That theme would be in my top 3 wishlist alongside steampunk and a new (and better) pirate-themed table (Monkey Island!! ).


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                              Originally posted by mumva
                              In addition. I think it would be so cool if you could create a virtual pinball arcade in which our avatars could roam around a room of replica machines of your pinball games. It would do a great deal to recreate the feeling of an arcade.

                              Anybody on our friends list who is playing the game would show up at the table they're playing. I want black lights, cheesy carpet patterns, and allow us to have custom soundtracks playing in the background. You could even gray out the tables and put an out of order sign on for the cheapskates who don't have every table.

                              Probably not worth the trouble, but these are the silly things that pop into my head when I'd rather not be working out.

                              You sir, are a genius ! That is just brilliant, think GAMEROOM ... designing and ordering your room and tables would be awesome.

                              Think about it, 20 tables and more to come would make for an excellent interactive experience, even more if, like you suggest , your friends can be seen playing on tables in your Pinball room !

                              And if you could make your own mini tournaments on multiple tables, in your room .... argh, the possibilities are endless !


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                                Some kind of Japanese themed table would be really cool. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas would be good for Xmas. Actually any Dr.Seuss table would be really cool and innovative. You could do a lot with the graphics and gameplay.
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