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    Originally posted by Sildorian
    Thats great news! We still have 3 undisclosed Marvel-Tables comming up and one of them is said to be "as unexpeted as the Blade-Theme".. so my bet right now is on The Gunslinger, wich would be awesome!!
    Yes that would ROCK for real. The City Is My Church


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      my ideas

      I didn't read all 75 replies yet, so maybe some of these ideas have been posted. However here are my ideas.

      I played a lot of Pinball Fantasies back on the C64 and normal Pinball in arcades. What I don't get is, why there is no Carnival or Rollercoaster table around. Those are real classics and a must!

      Other ideas:
      Halo table! (should get some Halo fans on board!)
      Viva Pinata table (have us rescue some pinatas against the evil guys and send pinatas off to fashion shows and hatch new pinatas please!).
      Human Innerds table please (let us fly around as a microchip ball in the human body and help fight colds, cancer and other sickness')


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        The "Human Innerds" theme sounds like an interessting idea ^^ I can realy imagine the table with a theme similar to the "Biolab"-Table.

        Carnival/Rollercoaster-Theme was mentioned in some other posts.. while I´m not too eager to see such a table, I´d definitly enjoy it and its kind of something that should be seen in every pinball-colletion. Loved the Party Land in Pinball Fantasies too btw! ^^

        Halo was mentioned many times. I´m not a huge fan of the series, but the visual design, sounds, music and feeling of the games are almost a perfect fit for a pinball table IMHO.


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          I'd love to see an 80's four pack including:
          G1 Thundercats
          G1 Transformers
          A Voltron Table
          and finally maybe Silverhawks or G.I. Joe.

          That would be to good to be true.

          Also a table themed after Roller Coaster Tycoon or Family Guy.


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            I'd like to see ancient and pre-history themed tables. I would definitely like to see a table based on the Egyptian civilisation and the Ancient Greeks (missions based around various Greek mythology characters). Also use either the Minoans, Babylonians or Sumerians. And throw in a table with dinosaurs just for sh*ts and giggles. It would be a nice little 4 pack.


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              A Batman/Star Wars/Star Trek table would be awesome.
              But that won't happen anyway.

              What I don't what so see are 3d characters models flying/walking/fighting on the table. The Marvell tables excel is this area.

              What I want to see is a more gritty table with a good theme (sf, western, adventure) but with the pbfx2 core table style.
              Most of the current tables are way to happy...


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                Bring some comedy into the mix! Aqua teen hunger force? How bout a Chris rock themed table, with his face blasting out as the centerpiece in hi-def... lol. Or a Chips and salsa theme. You start out as a chunky, tomato based salsa with a standard potato chip. As you progress through the missions, you eventually earn a homeground blue corn tortilla chip, and a smooth, habanero based salsa. In the wizard mode you must fight a pure capsaicin oil to bring spice back to the people.


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                  On a more serious note, I could see them doing something like an element themed table (Earth, fire, wind, water), that would work well.


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                    Legend of the five rings would be an amazing theme. For those unfamiliar with the term, Lot5r is set in a japanese-styled Samurai fantasy world. Different clans (Lion, Crane, Scorpion etc.) fight for dominance and the emperor's favor. There is also a threat from demons, which lure in a wasteland beyond a huge wall, that is defended by the Crab clan. The franchise originated from a collectible card game and nowadays also includes an rpg and a board game.

                    A Samurai theme would be very refreshing and all the clans are associated with certain traits, would make great missions. For example the Scorpion clan is stealthy. So their mission could be to sneak around enemies using orbits or shortcuts via holes on the map.
                    The Crane clan are the diplomats, so their mission could be to visit the other clans and uniting them to fight against the demon invasion (possible wizard mode) by making target shots or ramp combos.
                    The Crab clan defends the wall against the demons. You could have demon attacks as a timer based mission, which the Crab clan has to defend. Maybe a bit like the Invasion multiball on Earth defense.

                    If Zen wants to continue strong theme based tables, like Epic Quest, where the table is designed to represent an rpg, the Lot5r theme lives on clan rivalry. The players could associate with one clan on a weekly or monthly basis. Things they do -not only score- f.e. missions accomplished, extra balls, wizard modes reached could count towards a clan score, so that every week or month the players could be motivated not only to play for themselves, but also for their clan. This could be an additional incentive to play.
                    For Zen, testing such an alternate scoring system on one table could be an opportunity to test for a possible revamp of the Superscore system. Cloda had some great alternative scoring ideas in his thread, that could be tested this way.


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                      I would LOVE to see a Samurai style table. Has not been touched upon much even in the real life PinBall world.
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                        The Art House Pack

                        The Art House Pack has just announced by Zen, available for PSN and 360 next quarter.


                        Solaris - what does the table mean? Is it a table? Who am I?
                        Miller's Crossing - a game about hats.
                        The Big Lebowski - save Donnie from the ethos-less Nihilists.
                        Lost Highway - set in suburban LA, with an acid jazz soundtrack. Or, is it?


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                          Where do I start? I could sit here for hours listing what table themes I'd like to see!

                          So just to name a few, here's some movie themes I'd love to see:

                          Indiana Jones; Star Wars; TRON; maybe a Lord of The Rings related theme!

                          As for general themes, I think a Horror Theme woulld be cool, Dracula, Vampire related.

                          Like I said I could go on for ever..... and ever!!!


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                            I may have missed it somewhere in this thread, but what about tables from the past re-created? Is it an issue with licensing? I would love to see the Zen treatment on Addams Family or even ones that were released on packs that are already out on the Xbox such as Funhouse or Earthshaker, and Zen them up and add some new twists?

                            Just a thought.


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                              An Iron Maiden table that focuses on Eddie in the middle.
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                                Poltergeist table

                                Hello Pinball friends!

                                What do you think about a Poltergeist table?