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    My english language

    Sorry for my bad english language...that's why i am on the background here since 6 mounth or maybe more.Wonderful poeple here,not like in other forums!
    Some very interesting postings here!


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      Originally posted by reznamor
      Hello Pinball friends!

      What do you think about a Poltergeist table?
      Cool idea!

      And welcome to the community!! The City Is My Church


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        I haven't read ALL of the posts in the thread so i'm not sure if this has been mentioned but ...

        if anyone has played "Pinball" for NES back in the day, I'd like to see a table with multi-tiers like in that game. The game itself was cheesy (graphics and gameplay) but the multi-tier tables were cool.

        You can have it so where you have to complete a certain mission to get the hole that leads to the next tier to open up, then get it into the hole to spring it up to the next tier. Maybe doing things on higher tiers reward more points and such. Then when the ball drains from an upper tier, you don't lose it, but it falls back down to the tier below.

        I know it'd be a lot of work to design (its many tables in one) but it'd be a pretty sweet table to play.

        *EDIT* Also, a few things Pinball FX needs:
        A carnival themed table (they've always been fun)
        A sports pack (a 4 pack of sports themed tables)
        A wild west table (again, always fun)
        I tried to steer away from franchise products but PLEASE: A Batman table (actually surprised it hasn't happened yet)
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          Can you remeber this one?

          Ohhh...long time ago when i played this one!
          Devil's Crush!
          Realy loved this Pinball table!
          Here's some gameplay footage of the TurboGrafx-16 pinball simulation "Devil's Crush."


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            Jaki Crush

            And this one :
            Done by Naxat, after Alien Crush(PC Engine), Devil Crush(PC Engine ,MD),and this time, Jaki Crush(SNES), the third good art-working pinball game.Like you see...


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              Ghouls'n Ghosts table?

              Could be nice a Ghouls'n Ghosts table.


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                Other table ideas

                300 (based on the movie)
                Inspecteur Cadget
                A Pink Floyd table (ohhhhhh YES!!!!!!)...maybe the design from Dark side of the moon...The Wall or Wish you were here?
                A Jackie Chan table
                King Kong
                ZZ TOP
                The time machine
                Mars Attacks!
                Planet of the Apes

                Just a few ideas


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                  I would like to see the other PS3 tables (Shaman, V12, Eldorado, Tesla) on XBL too. Is there any plan to release them as "Mars" or "Paranormal" before or is this impossible due to Sony exclusive rights? Or are there any other reasons e.g. because "Eldorado" is related to "Uncharted"?

                  My other suggestions would be a table for "Worms" (I'm absolute Worms Fan) or "Lara Croft" with have great and long story potential.

                  Also some retro based tables would have great potention like Pac Man, Space Invaders, Galaga, Tron, Frogger etc.
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                    Originally posted by PARALAX
                    I would like to see the other PS3 tables (Shaman, V12, Eldorado, Tesla) on XBL too. Is there any plan to release them as "Mars" or "Paranormal" before or is this impossible due to Sony exclusive rights? Or are there any other reasons e.g. because "Eldorado" is related to "Uncharted"?
                    They're not exclusive considering that the 3DS is getting Shaman and Eldorado.

                    The only one that will remain exclusive to the PS3 is Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, because of an agreement with Tecmo.


                    • As I was a video gamer in the first place and wasn't a pinhead to begin with, I approach the game more from a gaming perspective.
                      Therefore I'm trying to suggest some things that might be a bit outside of the regular ideas. It would be great, if there would be some more meta ideas. Epic Quest seems to go in this kind of direction with it's ideas of keeping loot and level. I'd like to suggest something that goes in that kind of direction.
                      As a theme I'll use the Pokemon franchise, cause it fits perfectly with the meta ideas.

                      Pokemon is all about collecting the monsters, leveling them and putting together your own team. I think that might be possible aswell with a pinball version.

                      First idea: The balls
                      On every table the ball does the same thing. In Pokemon Pinball that wouldn't be the case. Like the monsters, the balls could belong to different elements like water or fire. At the start of your game, you could choose your 3 balls' pokemon/elements.
                      Depending on the ball you have, you could do different things on the table. For example there could be an area of the table that is dedicated to fire pokemon. Now, if you have a fire ball, all is normal for you, maybe you have to do a 3 ramp combo to do something there. If you have a plant ball instead, the mission becomes harder -maybe a 5 ramp combo- and you get less points in that area of the table. But if you'd use a water ball, it gets easier -only 2 combo shots- and you get bigger rewards.

                      Second idea: Gotta catch them all
                      When you purchase the table, you just start with 3 basic pokemon/balls. But you can earn new pokemons with different elements/abilities by playing the table. There could be recruiting missions, where -when you succeed- you're rewarded with new pokemon/balls. There can be more common rewards and some might be extremly rare. This could be determined randomly, but also on your skill. Maybe a mission has a 30 sec timelimit, but your only chance of getting a rare pokemon is to complete the mission within 10 secs.

                      Third idea: Evolving your pokemon
                      Using a pokemon/ball could also reward your ball with experience, which is determined by the number of points you achieve with this particular ball. At certain levels your ball could evolve into a better version of your pokemon. The better version then might be able to score bigger scores or get abilities you didn't have before. Abilities could range from a one time death save or kick backs to features like missions, which aren't accessable by normal pokemon/balls.
                      This would lead to a high replayability of the tables, cause you need points to evolve your balls or to get better ones with new abilities.

                      Fourth idea: Customization frenzy
                      By adding different abilities to your balls you could highly customize a table to your playstyle. Maybe you like fire's aggressive ramp combo style of play, so you add fire pokemon to your team, or you enjoy that your lightning pokemon need less bumber hits to advance multiplyers, while opening the electricity plant mission more easily...but beware the lake area with them!

                      Fith idea: Metalomania
                      From this point on you can go anywhere. Adding new pokemon on a regular basis, no problem. Keeping your balls and playing them on new pokemon tables, yes please. You could even think about a trading market, where players could swap balls, etc. The possibilities are endless.

                      Of course, I realize that this all is too much for one table, it's more like a separate new plattform on it's own, where you can get different balls on different tables and so on.
                      But I hope, you get the general idea of meta possibilities that a pinball game could offer. It's sure not an idea for the immediate future, but as a gamer, this would be meta features I really would enjoy. It also hasn't to be Pokemon, but the franchise just fits those ideas so well.


                      • Ideas are always welcome !

                        Having said that, I'll just give my opinion about a few aspects of what you propose. Everyone might say I'm narrow-minded, but I'll be honest and straight-forward. The idea of pinball is quite simple : when a game begins all players have the same ball and the same table and the same chances to win, and they must manipulate their ball the best they can in order to get points. That's it. Yeah I know, BREAKING NEWS !!!

                        I'm saying that because you see, I'm not sure if we need useless complications like many other games unfortunately get nowadays. To like pinball games is not totally separated from liking arcade games, retro games, pure and simple games. Zelda 3, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country 2, are in my opinion much superior than any 3D game that we see nowadays. Braid and Trials HD are masterpieces because their gameplay is so simple and yet incredibly rich.

                        You talk about a market. Would people trade, and maybe buy, rare balls just like they do with collectible game cards ? I think the game world has enough of those commercial trading stuffs. Here we play pinball, it's neither Pokemon nor Nintendogs.

                        Zen could easily make a lot of money out of that : you could buy very special balls and get higher scores. There would be no more justice as strong players / good traders (where would be the difference ?) would become stronger and stronger, eating the weaker ones like in a jungle.

                        I'm not sure if your perspective is more a gamer perspective than ours, and if you believe most people on this forum are pinball fans and not gamers, I think you're wrong : many of us are gamers. I believe pinball is more a game than Pokemon. Pokemon is not a pure game. (oh my god, Pokemon fans will destroy me ! ) It's like marbles : a mix of a game and a trading system. Nintendo made a lot of money with that, which is not their greatest pride (and it's a litote). Trading is not playing, and maybe it's exactly the countrary.

                        Now I've got a new friend lol.
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                        • A Dead Space table please.
                 The City Is My Church


                          • I would like to see a science fiction space opera themed table. In a perfect world, based on the Hyperion novels by Dan Simmons. You could have a Shrike wizard mode and missions for each of the pilgrims tales. The journey to the time tombs on Hyperion could work really well as a theme and the novels are so rich there could be any number of side missions and DMD games. The more the better. Drool... Any futuristic, space opera or space war theme would do though.

                            Btw...if you like science fiction and haven't read the Hyperion and Endymion books, do yourself a favour and read them as soon as possible.


                            • An Alice In Wonderland table please.
                     The City Is My Church


                              • Honesty said, I never believe that tables like "Pokémon" or "Alice in Wonderland" could be real because Nintendo never give exclusive rights for one of their products on Sony or MS Systems. Movie rights are very expensive too and couldn't cover the expenses for the currenty price (240 MSP/Table).

                                I think Marvel rights was a bargain buy because their products are not so demanded and popular any more. I haven't researched yet, it's just my subjective opinion.
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