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  • Just a quick poll - Am I the only one who thinks that the scoring on Red Skull Sparring is a glitch/mistake? Huge points for hitting the Red Skull pummels you holes and little points for doing what you are supposed to? It would make sense if they were reversed, which I what I think they are supposed to be.

    I REALLY wish Zen proper would allow the U.S. branch to post up what changes are made in the updates. For instance, I am not playing Agents until the Tanker Glitch is fixed. Other tables have smaller problems I would like to see addressed. I wish Solitude or Crackervizzo would start a Bug Report thread that they could forward on to Zen in Budapest. At least we would know they are aware of the problems and/or issues. And, in turn, they could let us know if they have fixed something/tweaked something. Like, not resetting the mission progress on Iron Man if you drain during Ultimo Just nail the mission hole and give it another shot! Ok, just dreaming now.


    • I don't think it's a mistake. I think it's a risk/reward proposition. There are extra points to be had, at the expense of potentially failing the missing. I hit as many of the holes as I can without failing, then complete the mode.

      I agree on the bug thread. Post the bugs, then have cracker or soli post when they're being addressed, and when they've been completed. It would be nice to at least get an acknowledgement stating they're either aware a problem exists, or that what's being reported as a bug was intentionally programmed into the game.

      Keep us in the loop, you know?


      • Sparring Mission

        I've been testing the exploitability. In terms of scoring efficiency, there's not much there. It's a very easy mode to start and it's reasonably safe to grind, but I think it's more efficient to finish the mode and tackle more lucrative offerings.

        Problem 1: the penalty shots are disabled after 1 hit. This makes it quite hard to actually fail the mission (unless you drain). The only sinkhole that remains after a hit is the Howler hole, and if you hit that more than once you get zero points.

        Problem 2: the mode total is reduced according to your misses and (I think) previous attempts on the mode during the round. You get 14 million for 5 hits on Red Skull without misses or prior mode attempts.

        Supply Drop

        Went back and tested the timing of this too. Like you, can't get it to light on "SOLDIER ..." after all, at least not all the time. It will light on bumper hits, but then it will also light on many other hits (ramps, howler targets etc.). FWIW, a single letter of "SOLDIER ..." appears to require 3 bumper hits.
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        • This table is awesome. The rule sheet is very detailed, the dot matrix and flashing lights make it easy to spot where to shoot and the table isn't as messy as some other ones. Oh, and I love the animations.

          I also like how forgiving the table is, as I'm a player that can aim, but has a very short attention span :P
          Some tables simply frustrate me with the amount of patience they require. I played it 2 times to get a feeling for the table, looked up the rules and everything was clear immediately, big props to that. It took me about 1 more hour to beat the wizard mode on my first ball... then I got excited and flushed the other two and an extra ball down the toilet - short attention span, remember? ^^
          It's nice to have some easier tables for the casual player, it increases motivation for the difficult ones.


          • Originally posted by Womble
            Hypno74 taking on the wizard mode:

            Am I the only one who thinks Captain America has the most boring Wizard Mode Part 1 - Hit the stuff in the middle. Part 2 - hit the stuff in the middle Part 3 - Hit the stuff in the middle Part 4 - Hit anything.


            • Originally posted by rapierdwit
              Am I the only one who thinks Captain America has the most boring Wizard Mode Part 1 - Hit the stuff in the middle. Part 2 - hit the stuff in the middle Part 3 - Hit the stuff in the middle Part 4 - Hit anything.
    're correct. This game pretty much boils down to hitting the captive balls and the Cosmic Cube. Rinse, repeat.


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