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    Great guide Indy,very clear and complete. Thanx to it i was able to get the 30g achievements ( one of the few i'm still missing) in 10 minutes. Still, i don't like the table.It's not the layout or the theme, it's the DAMNED slingshots and the way they always send the ball in the outer lanes...pity, it could have been a nice table. Anyway, great job!
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      Thanks for the compliment.

      Yes, the slingshots and far outlanes are a bit brutal on this table. My first goal with a new game is to activate the right kickback as soon as possible (from 100 spins on the spinner). It is a fairly safe shot and with a little luck you can get the ball to bounce up one of the multiplier lanes.


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        About the TOPHAT mission, i don't think it has an end.I mean, i was able to hit the hat holes several times, and there was always another one flashing next. The maximum of points is 5 millions, i got 25 millions in my best sequence ( 1+2+3+4+5+5+5).Still,there might be an end after a while, and anyway it's difficult to get all those shots right...
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          Thanks for the update on TOPHAT. I updated that part of the guide. The best I've gotten is 6 TOPHAT shots in one go - for 20 million.

          Oh, I should add that I finally made the top 10 on this table with 535 million.
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            Wizard mode and a bit of a strategy

            I got to Wizard mode again and had multi-ball going. It looked to me like I was hitting those pop-up things more than enough times but apparently not enough to finish the mission. I reactivated the mission twice more without completing it. Has anybody figured out what the trick is to it?

            I'm beginning to feel more comfortable on the table although it is still as tough as nails. I have been using the following approach that seems to work somewhat but it is obviously still evolving as I figure things out:

            - When the game starts immediately let the ball bounce over to the right flipper. Shoot up the left ramp. Then shoot directly into the right ramp, bounce the ball over to the left flipper and shoot into the right ramp again, repeat for a final time to activate your left kickback. If I don't manage to activate the left kickback in the beginning or if I lose it at some point I focus on always keeping three of the four cake lights active. With a lot of concentration you can use it to activate ballsave as the ball goes through the left outlane without the kickback activated.
            - Then I just repeatedly shoot through the spinner into the bumpers to light the right kickback (and then keep it activated during the game). Even after it is activated I just keep on shooting the spinner unless the ball ends up on the left flipper because then I first shoot it into the right ramp to bring it around on to the right flipper for a shot into the spinner again.
            - The only other thing I shoot at is the lit top hats.
            - Shooting through the spinner gives you lots of spins and bumper hits for awards later, can increase the multiplier through the lane lights as well as activate the multi-ball targets.
            - Eventually you will hit all the BOXTOP targets or they will be lit through one of the special awards (?). You can shoot at it if you have ballsave active but I rather protect my left kickback if its activated by not going for it and keep three Cake lights activated as explained above to protect against a left drain if the kickback is not activated.
            - If the left kickback is not activated any more the first thing I will do if I start a mission is to first reactivate it as a longer ballsave is active (as IndyRC_Racer suggested try to have three Cake light active before starting a mission so that you can activate it easier).
            - Then I play through the missions as quickly and carefully as possible but without activating the multi-ball even if it is available.
            - Once done with all four missions I activate the Rocky and Bullwinkle and start the multi-ball if it is available. At this stage I have not completed the Rocky and Bullwinkle mission.

            Using this approach I am able to keep the ball alive for much longer and then the points eventually start to come. It is still though a very frustrating table as you can lose a ball at any time without even feeling like you have done anything wrong.

            Let us know if you have a different approach that works better... I must still figure out how to get a 2 Bil+ score
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              Thnx for the guide... to skilled for me though.

              I've topped out at around 22 mil. All I do is try to light C A K E...

              Like Sorceror, if the ball rolls off that upper flipper it tends to go straight down the right outlane on me... the only thing that saves me is if I have CAKE workin' for me. Unlike the digital version of Sorceror, I can't save myself on Rock & Bull with a bump (nudge, whatever). Those of you who have enough ball control to not lose 90% of your balls down that right outlane have more than all my respect.