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Sorcerer's Lair or Captain America?

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  • Sorcerer's Lair or Captain America?

    ^^ Thread title.

    I happen to have 260 MS Points left in one of my XBL accounts, so i'm wondering what of these 2 tables i should buy with them. I already have the PFX2 core tables (Pasha, Biolab, SotD, Rome), Earth Defense, Excalibur, Fantastic Four and Ms-Splosion Man.

    I prefer mission-based tables, and i'd rather have them "easy" (Ms-Splosion Man) than "hard" (Rome ), but not ultra newb friendly (Mars). My favourite could very well be Ms-Splosion Man if it wasn't for its scoring mechanics (low mission scoring), followed by Excalibur and maybe Pasha.

    I liked the Captain America trial but it was too too short for me to tell if i'd like the full table. I haven't been able to try the Sorcerer's Lair trial.

    So, that's it, which one should i get? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Captain America is harder to complete than SL, but still among the easier ones. If you enjoyed Ms. Splosion Man, neither table should be too easy though. The only thing that might turn you off SL is the fact that you don't even need to beat the missions in order to enter the wizard mode. Playing the demo should be the best way to pick a favourite.


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      Toss a coin dude, they are both great tables imo.


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        go with Sorcerer"s Lair. but as mentioned, u cant go wrong with either


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          Well,pick SL...IMHO is more fun, it flows better, the missions are different but all nice, the layout is cool,the sound is better.. Well, i guess i'm in love with this table( but not because is new... I couldn't stand MsSM from the begenning, for example)!
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            Ok thanks guys, i picked Sorcerer's Lair after reading your messages and trying the demo. I'm still learning it but it looks great so far.

            Also, here's hoping there's some kind of Marvell based Pinball FX sale in the future

            I guess this thread can be closed now


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              good choice !! although CA is a very fun playing table for me