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Hulk table...questions.

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    Looks cool, World War Hulk!
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      Originally posted by JasonC11
      First pic of Hulk table at gameinformer.

      Part of an Avengers Chronicles set maybe?
      and what pray tell, would that set be? Seeing as cap, iron man and Thor are done already? Story arcs of those done already? Hawkeye solo table? I would think maybe an avengers table itself. Or maybe hulk as standalone dlc and packaged with the 3 existing others.

      Also noticed that iron fist is on that table artwork, and she hulk, and Sakaar. And with freeway destroyed def means world war hulk. So hulk vs the other heroes instead of a rogues gallery. Too freaking cool?

      Note: I know hulk is freaking strong,but I never did like how he took down or stood up to black bolt screaming at him in WWH. Some editors have allowed stupid use/limitations of black bolts powers. In a recent issue of FF,he actually normally speaks a word and all it does is punch some guy across the throne room and through a wall. Back in the ol day, a whisper of his brings down a mountain.

      Inhumans table!!!!!
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