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Hulk table...questions.

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  • lasvegaspinballhalloffame
    I heard that because a real life Hulk table was made, that Zen is having problems getting the rights to it. The table was made by Gottlieb and released in 1979. Since FarSight is going to be making Gottlieb tables, this might be posing a problem. But still, Marvel ultimately owns rights to Hulk correct? I don't see why it'd be such a huge problem, it's not like FarSight was probably going to make Gottlieb's Hulk table anyway. I could see Hulk released by Zen as a standalone in the new year since the Avenger's movie is coming out next year. crackervizzo, any word on any of this?
    5ector, I totally agree with your first seven choices. But come on, who really wants a Howard the Duck table? LOL>
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  • 5ektor
    started a topic Hulk table...questions.

    Hulk table...questions.

    Okay, so we all know now that Thor is the last reveal... which means Hulk has yet to SMASH his way into Marvel Pinball. So I ask you Zen when will we see a Hulk table? And will it be a stand alone dlc or will the green skinned goliath rub shoulders with his fellow heros in another bundle? Say shortly after the V & V bundle?

    Personally I think that you should have swapped Hulk for Moon Knight. And then bundled the Moon Knight table with Punisher, Dare Devil and Black Panther and calling it the Marvel Knights Bundle. Meh, either way I am super excited and super happy to have these. Some future tables that I want to see are Hulk, Dare Devil, Punisher, Black Panther, Dr Strange, Silver Surfer, Deadpool, Avengers, Alpha Flight, Howard the Duck, Heroes for Hire, Man-Thing and Hawkeye.