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    Originally posted by shogun00
    What was Blue's score?
    Something insane like 60 Billion!!!!!

    Cheers M8


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      Originally posted by SBVIPER
      Something insane like 60 Billion!!!!!
      Wow! That is insane.


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        Congrats to Blue on what must have taken time, commitment and a heck of a lot of stamina!

        Can you tell us how long the game took and any particular strategy you employed?

        Kudos also to Wims and DutchTommy for putting in what I would have expected to be tourney winning scores yourselves...


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          tournament stats

          6749 players took part in the 'eight days a week' long THOR tournament.
          Median score was 30,560,000... so, over half the players scored 30 million or more.
          It took a score of just over 105 million to put a player into the Top 10% of the tournament.
          Only 90 players scored over 300M.
          Top 3 scores were 60.9, 24.3, & 8.0 billion respectively - and 19 players scored over 1 billion.
          Prior to the tournament there was a total of 16 billionaires on THOR.
          There are now 27 B-Club members walking the halls of Asgard.

          Overall effect of the tournament on scores for the THOR table:
          Score of the 100th ranked player increased 20% from 350M to almost 420M.
          Score of the rank 1000 player went from 120M to 134.5M.
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            Originally posted by SBVIPER
            Something insane like 60 Billion!!!!!

            Cheers M8
            blue is fricking awesome, no words jeez wish I had that endurance & Skill.

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              I find it odd that Roy drops a score of 8 billion on like Monday and then doesn't top it when the tourney ends.. thought he was competative...
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