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  • Remap controls?

    I just installed the Windows 8 preview and was very pleasantly surprised to see Pinball FX2. I already have it for the 360 and iPhone and have been waiting for the PC version.

    I found that the game uses the "Control" key for flippers but unfortunately Macbook Pro computers only have the left one of those. I tried re-mapping the keys in the options but it didn't seem to work. I'm assuming this is a bug? Any workarounds?

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    Same problem for me. I looked for the saved settings but didn't find it, perhaps there are none because no settings are saved between sessions. The fact that yap_win8_new.exe cKeyboardControlsScreen::OnInitialize calls a hardcoded string table seems to indicate that the controls can't be changed. And that Root.Controls.Nudge calls the string "OFF" seems to indicate that it can't be enabled.


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      I don't think you can re-map controls at this point, but I will find out for sure and let you know.


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        I checked and unfortunately, at this point it is not possible, sorry for any inconvenience!


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          Bobby is right - it is not possible yet, but it will be possible when the game launches for real. (I think the L and R keys work to control the flippers as well, but obviously that is not very ergonomic. For best results, use a wired Xbox 360 controller.)


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            System Hardware
            Processor: AMD 64 4800
            Graphics: Nvidia GT8600
            Memory: 8GB DDR2

            OS: Windows-8 64-bit

            Windows-8: Pinball FX2:

            left flipper: Left Cnrl or L
            right flipper Right Cntrl or R
            Ball Launch: A

            I have a cheap Logic3 games pad connects via USB

            The following program can be used to map the keyboard to games pad. It's FREE!!!

            Joycur 2.21 from