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Epic Quest tournament 3/23-3/30

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    Originally posted by blue View Post
    I'm surprised a player of your caliber would suggest this, especially if you can't reproduce it. Everyone in the top ten earned his spot. The unfamiliar gamertags have more to do with the table's memory feature.

    As for this bug, if you left it running seven days scoring 500 points a second, you would receive 302.4 million points. I doubt that will be enough to break the top 100 once the tournament is over.

    Several other tables have similar bugs that are extremely difficult to reproduce. A player may experience them once for every hundred hours on a table. The points gained aren't worth the cost of electricity; it would take several months to break into the top ten.
    ive got to rectify here something..during the video ive got 500 points each time... but that is not everything i was earning.. in the meanwhile..

    the end of ball bonus was rising like crazy!! those skeletons which i was collecting rapidly became like 300Million at the end of it.. just because of the skeletons.. and it could be wayyyy more!! if i didnt let the button go! i wasnt aware of that, until the bonus came along!. if i just sticked the button for a couple of days.. it will me get like tens of billions because of the bonus of it at the end of the ball ! and yes that would get me to the highest place..

    but unfortunally and yes i cant simply reproduce it, doesnt mean it surely can happen to anyone out there right..! it exist and that is something to investigate i feel
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      Originally posted by Hypno74 View Post
      During multiball it's 2,5 million per second (with level 100)
      This presumes the bug can be reproduced in multiball. Most of the infinite loop bugs on other tables are exclusive to standard play. Several of them can ruin your game (can't escape via tilt).

      Another factor is the differences in Epic Quest's multiball modes. Certain bugs are exclusive to each one. For example, Level Ending Story may be initiated during Princess Multiball but not Skeleton Swarm.
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        2.5 million per second comes out to 9 billion per hour. It would take a really cautious cheater to find a glitch like that and only post a score of less than 12 billion. If you actually bothered to check the scores of one of the uncommon players in the top 10 you would see they all have some good scores on other tables. No one with a previous high of 50 million on another table came out of nowhere and put up billions on Epic Quest.


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          The accursed dragon has finally succumbed!!

          I have now encountered the dragon for the 4th time, and it has finally fallen in defeat.

          Yet another case of "magic first ball"; I beat my previous high score before losing ball #1 and its associated extras; though I think I only got one extra ball on ball 1.

          This time I didn't TOTALLY screw up balls #2 and #3, and ended up with an awesome (for me) score of 503M, up from my previous high of 366M.


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            Thanks for this tournament, Zen! It gave me a reason to finally give a shot to breaking a billion on a table (1.8 bil.. strangely all on my 1st ball + extras, as ball 2 and 3 pretty much immediately drained). Now that I've got the fire in me, I'm eager to go try breaking a billion on the other tables, and maybe crack the top 100..


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              Originally posted by BarbieBobomb View Post

              High Score Tournament: March 23-30

              Team up with Max the knight on our Epic Quest table to win some loot! Our next high score tournament will be held March 23-30, on PSN and XBLA. The top three highest scores will an “I <3 Pinball” hoodie and a code for the next Zen Studios release!

              To participate in this tournament, just complete a full game on the Epic Quest table on Pinball FX2 for Xbox LIVE® Arcade or Zen Pinball on PSN during March 23-30. There will be a random drawing for prizes so even if you don’t make it into the top three, you still have a chance to win! Winners will be notified via gamertag, so please make sure to check your messages after the tournament to claim your prize.
              Awesome prize this time xD...

              Hope I win the random draw (as I won't be winning the score one for sure) lol xD.

              My knight is only lvl 40 or so.


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                Originally posted by Lepruk86 View Post
                Awesome prize this time xD...

                Hope I win the random draw (as I won't be winning the score one for sure) lol xD.

                My knight is only lvl 40 or so.
                I'm level 55 now but can't for the life of me beat the score I had when I was in my 40's (257m) I know the mosters are a bit stronger but I usually dispatch them within 3-5 loops of shield and sword. I got close with 240m but that was it.

                Lately I have been getting a decent amount of extra balls on ball 1. I believe the limit is 2 (1 bat or skellie frenzy and 1 from the princess multiball) and they don't stack. I would start out at ball 1 with 2 extra balls only to lose them really quickly to the out lanes (most of the shots up sword should be safe but there are times when I just miss to the right of the ramp it would bounce all the way to the left outlane and even if I nudge the table, it sometimes goes straight down the lane. Really frustrating when you're on a decent start. Then even more frustrating when you level up and get one of the kickback to lose the kickbacl immediatley after you've leveled yup. LOL!

                Anyway I'm sitting at 25 or 26. Perhaps by tommorow I could be in the top 20 That would be a pretty good goal for me.


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                  Originally posted by tenorhero View Post
                  I'm level 55 now but can't for the life of me beat the score I had when I was in my 40's (257m)

                  Anyway I'm sitting at 25 or 26. Perhaps by tommorow I could be in the top 20 That would be a pretty good goal for me.
                  Wow, you must be on PS3? My (Xbox) score of 503M put me at #254 as of last night...

                  It's definitely easier to get a higher score at higher levels -- but my score variations between games are much larger than the level advantage.


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                    After what has seemed like AGES without broadband and therefore no XBL access, it finally returned today!

                    To celebrate I clocked in a (in my eyes) brilliant score of 499m. Still leaves miles behind those near the top, but is a personal best on any PBFX table

                    So by way of apology to those on my friend list, I hadn't done this on purpose, just seemed like today was this years golden game!


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                      Lolo Nalu wins!

                      Lolo Nalu put up the #1 score of 39,957,167,425.
                      Maruzox came in 2nd with over 33 billion, and the Top 5 were over 10B.
                      There are 136 players in the EQ tournament Billionaires Club.
                      A total of 1451 players scored over 100 million during the tourney.
                      The median score was over 29M,
                      and 6054 gamertags appear on the tournament scoreboard.

                      Congrats to the high scorer(s) &
                      Thanks a billion to Zen for the tourney.


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                        Congrats to the the top 3, awesome scores.

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